Iconic pop artist Andy Warhol strove for a unique and trendsetting look—even going so far as to commission mismatched footwear with patches sewn onto the right shoe. Then, of course, there’s the famous wig he began wearing in the mid-1960s.

While the silver-grey wig was originally intended to cover up his receding hairline, it became an integral part of the Andy Warhol look. In 2006, almost twenty years after Warhol’s death, the wig was sold at a Christie’s auction along with a few other items formerly owned by Warhol. The wig even had Warhol’s toupee tape still attached to its interior.

The wig sold for $10,800, making it one of the most expensive wigs in the world.

So aside from the slaylebrity factor what made this wig one of the most expensive wigs?

All About The Hair
Hair is the centerpiece of all wigs. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it does bear mentioning as it isn’t meant in the obvious way. Yes, it is the most obvious part of the wig, but what the actual hair of the wig is made of plays a large part in the overall quality and realism of the wig. Cheaper wigs often use synthetic hair that can at least pass an initial glance, but is not as realistic when being viewed up close. As a result, the luxury wig market uses human hair. Your best option is, typically, to find a company that specializes in the use of 100% natural human hair. This is a form of human hair not subjected to processing that includes realistic roots to provide the best overall appearance.

The Right Fit
All kinds of wigs come in varying sizes regardless of the materials used in their creation. There are a few core measurements when it comes to deciding on the overall size of wig that any given person needs. They involve taking a general measurement of the circumference of the head, the measurement from ear to ear over the crown of the head, and the measurement from the front of the hairline to the end of it over the head to the neck. These are all factored together to get a generic wig size that you can use to find any number of ready-made wigs.

Base of the wig

The most common base is the lace wig. Whereby the wig is sewn onto a lace material. The most realistic and most expensive base is the silk base wig. Most wig companies offer part lace part silk base wigs. But the ultimate and most realistic looking wig will be fully silk based. This means you can part the wig anywhere and it will look like the hair is growing from your own scalp.

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How versatile is your wig?

How bouncy is your wig?

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Braid it up

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