Have a window office anywhere with this window-mounted, portable standing desk.

This desk, quite simply, is the first ever window-mounted, adjustable standing desk. 

It was incredibly important to the designers that the design of this special desk was one that would look great in any number of settings, whether that be an office, home, co-working space, or store front. There are really no limits to when and where you can use this unique desk. 

We are amazed at just how many creative uses people have found…

In the office, This desk brings added space and a standing desk without overtaking your office or seated desk.

If you work from home, This desk eliminates the need to purchase a whole desk setup.  When it’s time to work, throw The desk on the window or wall and voila! 

Living the Start-Up life?  This desk is perfect for co-working spaces too. 

Plush couches are not always the easiest to work on.  Bring your new desk and create the perfect working spot.

Get fresh air and an unbeatable view taking your Desk to your favorite outdoor common space.

Need an innovative side table? Your covered

This incredible desk brings your plants closer to the sun and at an eye level where you can enjoy them without large stands that block your window.

Okay, this one came as a big surprise to us, but DeskView actually makes a pretty awesome beer pong table — need a backboard?

The desk isn’t just for people.  A fun, raised platform gives your pets an unbeatable view of what everyone is up to inside and out.

What would you use yours for?

Concierge Price list:

Wood and white-$795
Clear- $858.6

Email concierge at sales@slaynetwork.co.uk to get it
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

A great office desk

Great for airport lounges

Great as a side table

Bring your plant closer to the sun

Perfect ping pong table

Pet fun

How to set your desk up

With this desk, the sky is literally the limit

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