Technical apparel is our tireless pursuit.  
The new patent pending design system is built with a high quality inflatable that is removable for easy washing and resists high pressure. 

The design team worked with some of the top inflatable engineers to create an original design and support system.  In just two breaths, these hoods transform into unparalleled support, flexible enough to maneuver to any desired position. 

Designed, cut and sewn in California, this hoodie was originally created for and remains devoted to the travel experience.  The line of luxury casuals, sourced with some of the most comfortable fabrics from all over the world were designed with one purpose in mind.  Comfort. 

Every one of these hoodies come with an inflatable hood with a removable inflatable pillow and complimentary shipping.

Choose from a relaxed pullover or a fitted zip up design or men’s A6

Colors: black, grey and white
Size: XS to XXL

Price (except A6): $636
Price A6: $848

Because Your comfort is a priority

Relaxed Pullover

Fitted zip up

Mens A6

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