What can I do right now to become financially free?

Try Harder.

You think you are trying because you leave each day exhausted.

But I assure you,

Most of you aren’t trying at all.

Most of you believe that your job and some half-assed investing will lead you to financial freedom.

You’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

When I yell TRY HARDER.

Your frustrated mind pushes the peg with even more effort to no avail.

You completely misunderstand the definition of TRYING.

Someone who actually was to TRY hard would use brains to accompany the brawn.

You’re doing the same things you’ve always done, trying harder than ever, but you are STILL lazy.

Is that amazing?

EVERYONE AROUND YOU has failed to force that square peg into the round hole.

You must grab a knife and change the shape. Carve new holes in space-time.

Create pegs that go through with ease.

If you’re not trying new things, you’re not trying at all.

Truly trying hard, involves creativity.

It’s the only way a stunning victory has ever been achieved. Thinking OUTSIDE of the box.

A strong marriage requires loving your spouse, even when they aren’t being lovable. 
This could never be more true than when you are trying to build a successful business with your partner. 
How can we work with our spouses day in and day out and still want to be around them? 
We get this question a lot, especially early on in our business. 
And to be honest, it can be super difficult. 
We have seen a lot of people that want to work together as partners, but most do not know what that actually looks like. 
Today we are going to give you some tools to help you know how to make the most impact as a couple inside of your business.

When you are building your business as a couple, there’s a lot more dynamic to how your business is going to run that you need to prepare for. 

Have open communication around everything. 
As a couple, most people think open communication is just about feelings. While its important, when starting a business you also need communication about what is happening at all times inside the business.
Talking about finances is one of the biggest strains of marriage, now you have not only your personal finances but the business finances too. You have to ask the questions, are we spending too much? Is there money coming in?
Do not be afraid to communicate the bad and the good and build each other up.

In a partnership, you are growing your business together. One of the hardest things to do is to understand your role. 
You are both going to be working on things, and sometimes the other person won’t get what they were supposed to get done. 
And it is very easy to put it off on the other person and blame them, especially in hard times. 
There will be a point of time in your business that you might need to carry more weight, and vise versa. 
Do not get into the shame and blame game between each other. It will tear your business apart quicker than anything, and then your relationship.

It can be easy to say that I am not going to blame them, or shame them. But it is also super important to recognize when they are doing things that are great. 
I remember in the early days of developing the skillset of talking to people, he was my biggest cheerleader. He kept me going when I felt discouraged. 
I was able to keep moving forward and grow our business despite the no’s, because of the boost in confidence that I got from my partner. 

Give them praise, pat each other on the back as you’re going along. 
There is going to be a time where you will have to be the one who sees the logic and reason, and it will flip back and forth. 
If your partner is in a place where they aren’t feeling motivated, recognition is usually a core motivator for a lot of people. 
Make sure you are giving them that. 

This is a huge part of starting a successful business. You have to learn what your roles and  responsibilities are. 
One of the easiest ways to understand your roles and responsibilities is to dip your toes into everything and start doing things.
That way you can identify what you are good at, and also what you like to do inside your business. 
Use that as a starting point to figure out what your role is. 
You will do things in your business that both of you just absolutely despise doing, but sometimes it requires you to do it. Find a way around the hard things. 
Communicate and use a rewards system if that helps. We use one and it has made our business a lot more fun. 

One of the hardest things to do when building a business with your partner is staying connected to one another as spouses.
Keep the job fun. Use the rewards system to your advantage and remember to communicate about everything.
Do not blame or shame your partner for things that happen inside the business. 
Cheer your partner on, especially when they need it most. 
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Trying hard doesn’t mean do hard work that doesn’t move the needle, learn to do things that only move the needle by more than an inch. If you are not trying something different you are not trying hard at all

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