I can’t believe what I’m about to do!

He stood beside the king-sized bed and reached for a condom. Opening it with his teeth, he used his free hand to drag me by my throat back over to his dick.
I put my greedy hands on it and was slapped as he took his dick back, stroking it against my soft lips.
Scolding me —
“Did I tell you to touch it? No, right? Put your fucking hands down. Open your mouth.”
I love it when he gets rough.
I pouted, biting my lip, apologizing —
“I’m sorry, Daddy…”
He gently stroked my face —
“Good girl. Don’t let it happen again.”
I nodded, sticking my tongue out, and swirling it all over his tip.
Slowly taking him back into my mouth; sucking softly for a few moments before he pushed me off and put the condom on.
The anticipation grew as he joined me on the bed.

I was placed on all fours
He bit my left cheek before quickly sticking a tongue up my ass and pressing a hand into my lower back.
He pushed me down and instructed me to arch my ass up for him, and because I’m a good girl I did as I was told.
I felt myself being lifted into the air by my waist as he held me steady and licked my opening, before gently sucking my clit, adding his sweet saliva to my juices. I took a sharp breath as he put me back on all fours.
He loves taking me in this position and I let out a sigh of relief as he entered me, hissing with painful pleasure.
With him, every time felt like the first time.
I was always tight for him and he was always ready to fill me up and stretch me out. My orgasm started gushing out of me as I bit down on the sheets.
It doesn’t take long with him.
That was all he had to say as he started pounding into me because he knew the damage he could do to me.
I turned my head to look into the mirror by the headboard and saw him, in full view, slamming into me.
He looked so strong.
Every muscle on his body tensed and the veins in his hands became more defined as he held onto my wrists, never letting up.
It’s moments like these when I ask myself —
What is it about men that drives me so fucking crazy?
… and get my answer.
He looked his best when he was fucking me.
The way our complexions blended together and made us look like one being. It was truly beautiful.
And I loved it.
The disbelief of the pleasure I was in was all over my face as I arched my back to look up at him. I was met with his tongue in my mouth.
He growled in my ear and I moaned into his mouth.
Both of my legs were pinned between his when he started slamming into me so hard that I bit into the sheets,
Screaming —
“Daddy, I can’t take it. I can’t take this.”
He leaned in close to my right ear and bit my lobe as he said —
“Yes, you can. Be a good girl for Daddy and wet the bed for me.”
I started pouring.

He likes it when I scream for him
I started clenching my walls tightly around him and calling out his name over and over again, promising him,
“I’m gonna be a good girl, Daddy, I’m gonna be so good.”
I heard his breathing speed up as he started cursing,
“Fuck, this pussy is so damn tight. Oh shit Lin… Lin, I’m gonna — ”
His whole body tensed up and he immediately pulled the condom off, groaning my name as he erupted all over my ass.
He went to the bathroom to get a towel so he could wipe himself off of me gently, before laying down beside me.
He wrapped his arms around me as the porno on the tv played. I pushed my ass against his dick and started rotating my hips.
I took his left hand and put his middle finger in my mouth and started sucking it, wrapping my tongue around it and swirling.
His breathing got heavy as he started squirming beneath the influence of my body. His moans started mixing in with the couple on the television. I thought I had him until he turned me over onto my stomach…
and put me over his knee.

I was screaming but I was wet
Once he had me where he wanted me he secured my body, holding my wrists behind me in one hand and raising the other one high in the air.
He brought it down so hard that I’d realize later in the morning that he left handprints all over me. He told me to hold still or he’d make it hurt.
The problem is I like it rough.
And he knows that.
This was a battle I was going to lose — willingly.
I was wet and screaming as he wrapped his left hand around my throat and continued spanking me with his right.
It hurt so good when he started using his soft lips to gently kiss each cheek to alleviate the pain after every individual lashing, pushing me past my boundaries and over the edge.
Once I was completely spent, he parted my cheeks, leaving me exposed to his exploitations.
He danced his tongue around my asshole right before sticking it all the way up inside me. My body jerked from the shock of the pleasure.
And it caused me to call out,
“Oh my God.”
His reply,
“He’s not here. I am.”
He began playing with my body with his hands.
Running them all over me like water.
Rolling my nipples gently in his hands and setting me on fire from within. Squeezing my ass before using one hand to stick two fingers deep inside me and the other one to penetrate my asshole.
He started alternating and fucking me all at once with both hands, and tears came to my eyes as I went blind with the urge to cum.
My orgasm was approaching.
My breath was caught in my throat.
My eyes started rolling back.
I was starting to sweat.
and he suddenly… stopped.

“Ready for round two?”
I moaned,
“Yes, please!”
“Please, what?”
“Yes, please, Daddy.”
“Good girl.”
All I could do was smile as he stood up, snatched me by my ankles, and dragged me over to the edge of the bed, and flipped me over onto my back.
“Get it wet for Daddy.”
I sat up as he grabbed me by the back of my head and stuffed every inch of his dick down my throat.
The strokes were brutal and each time I came up for air my mouth was immediately filled up with another inch.
And I wanted more.
I never took my mouth off him when he reached for another condom. He pushed me back as he put it on and grabbed me by my ankles, pulling me to the edge.
He wanted me flat on my back as he held my legs open wide and slammed deep into me. That feeling of impact was so passionate my mouth opened but my throat locked up as it filled up with my own screams.
I watched every inch of him slide in and out of me.
He noticed this and grabbed me by the back of my neck, forcing me to stay in place as he told me to —
“Look at it. Look at what I’m doing to you.”
I started cumming and I honestly couldn’t stop.
He knew just what to say.
For a moment, I broke my gaze to look up at his face and our eyes met.
For a moment, there was nothing but silence as he continued sliding inside of me as we both fought off the pained expressions of trying not to cum.
He looked like he was concentrating and his face turned into a stern look of willpower and determination that made me wanna fall in love with him, but we weren’t here for that.
I couldn’t afford to do that.
Not tonight.
And not here.
So I was getting fucked instead.
I started tightening my walls around him, massaging the length of him with my inner heat. He picked up the pace as he leaned down to kiss me.
He was so intimate yet so brutal.
I didn’t want to admit it but I was falling in love, in the throes of this orgasm. By now, he was slamming into me and I could feel his sweat on my body. The room was spinning as I screamed for him.
Arched for him.
Begged for him.
Came all over him.
That condom was getting soaked.
He pulled out and lifted me into the air to fuck me in a standing position. I gripped the back of his neck as he started slamming into me.
All we had were our bodies as leverage.
We locked eyes again as he kept pumping.
Everything intensified between us.
I couldn’t hold it as I came all over him. Again and again and again. Slam after slam. He wouldn’t stop and finally, I had to scream,
“Please Daddy, I can’t tak —”
It didn’t matter.
I was going to take it, and he was going to make sure of it.
He put me back on all fours and quickly drilled me until he pulled out again and ripped off the condom to bust his nut all over my ass.
After he cleaned me up, he bent down and gave me a kiss with a serious expression on his face.
“Get dressed so I can take you home.”
Before walking into the bathroom to get dressed.
I couldn’t help thinking that when he bought this room for the night, he also bought me too. I was happy to be his whore for the night.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I can’t believe what I’m about to do!

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