Your dinner will be late but your appetiser will be on time!!!

My phone vibrated at about 2pm indicating I had an incoming text message. Opening to read my message….
But first I should share with you how this day began.
There was that subtle hint at breakfast earlier this morning. We’ve been together for three years, always making sure to start our mornings together over breakfast. Today was no exception. On the table was displayed a most delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, coffee, and a selection of jams and jellies at the side. As I walked into the kitchen, noticing the elaborate spread, I smiled then inquired,
“Why am I being treated to such an elaborate breakfast?”
What I received in response was a seductive smile, but beyond that smile came the accompanying clarity of,
“Just because!”
being the reply as they ran the fingers of their right hand through their hair. I remained curious but didn’t press the matter beyond…
“ok if that’s what you say then….”
but before completely closing my sentence came…
“Sweetheart it’s nothing special, I just wanted to surprise you,”
came the respond as they once again smiled.
“Well for what it’s worth, I am very surprised.”
Again, a further response,
“Well I need you to keep up your strength!”
After finishing our breakfast, I headed off to work while they stayed back to work on some things around the house.

At around 2pm, I received a text message from home.
“Dinner will be late…”
But even before I could respond, clearly the messages were sent purposely, time delayed,
“but appetizers will be on time!”
read the second message. By now I was becoming, quietly so, excited and most anxious to get home.
That was the final text message received at 2pm in the afternoon and then nothing. I knew enough not to be worried.
Breakfast should have been a much clearer clue. But not until the arrival of that 2pm text did I begin to surmise that I had been served more than just a breakfast surprise. In fact I had been served NOTICE! A red letter kind of meal. One that would, or more accurately stated, should have stimulated my appetite for supper. I suddenly found myself with a growing sense of inner urgency, a kind of a calm sensual storm brewing. It was time to ring that end of day bell, at the very least, I had now long rang that bell in my mind.
Then just sometime before 4pm came another incoming text.
“Oh, by the way, I should have told you; please text me when you are leaving work and DO NOT ENTER as the fireman but more like the thief in the night!”
They ended her message with three heart emoji’s and I knew exactly what they had instructed me to do.

I left work at 4pm sharp and picked up our special ice cream on the way home. As I walked into the house, I could hear seductive jazz music playing in the background. The home was filled with the fresh scent of bath balms of lilacs and roses.
I called out softly, signaling that I was home but received no response. I walked slowly towards the bathroom, which was empty and then towards the bedroom. That’s where I saw my answer to this morning’s breakfast spread. There on the bed, lying in a most inviting position, wearing only a towel, was my surprise.
“Dinner will be late, but the appetizer is on time…”
came that mischievously greeting as they beckoned to me to join them. I asked for one moment and hurried to the bathroom to quickly shower from my day at work. As I rushed to the bathroom I could hear the words,
“Do not keep me waiting!”
I returned, in only my birthday suit, towel in hand and a smile on my face. As their smile greeted mine, their purposefully slow attempt to remove their towel only added to my anticipation. While removing the towel, their eyes never losing contact with mine, towels aside, we embraced, our bodies skin to skin, heartbeat to heartbeat, as our passion growing from within, easily being felt in the form of the build up of heat that began to generate between us. As we kissed, they slipped away from my lips and whispered in my ear…
“I have waited all day for you to enjoy your appetizer.”
I responded,
“I was already hungry shortly after breakfast.”
At first theirs was only a steady variety of low whispering noises. Soon those gentle moans grew louder with every moment and I responding in kind as I tried to show my appreciation, also whispering,
“I am trying to repay you not only for this morning’s breakfast but for the many others that I may have not properly thanked you for,”
as my own breathing became heavier. Their gasps were no longer audible, only the loud passionate sounds that were loud enough to have woken any sleeping neighbor. Several times came a crescendo heightened scream followed by an even deeper sounding exhale. Their breathing would be slowed just before repeating the second, third, forth, losing count, climaxing, convulsing, followed by the repeated tightening and the completely motionless, relaxed suppleness of their body. Finally came a noticeable change in breathing, a more limp, slowing down of movements, a gasp as if exhaling their last sensuous breath until there was silence.
After a long, loving embracing silence, came their first audible response,
“I think your dinner is now ready!”
I laughed and answered,
“I think I may have already had my fill.”
Smiling as they responded,
“I hope you enjoyed your appetizer?”
“I certainly did,”
I responded. A picture of my smile at that instant could have made a greeting card for happiness of satiated passion.
As we sat down for dinner, wrapped in clean towels as our clothing, we shared stories from our day, laughed and savored the delicious meal. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Your dinner will be late but your appetiser will be on time!!!

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