My desires are usually insatiable but today was something else.

Caroline knew what she was looking for when she called for assistance with her central heating. The house has been cold for a few days and she realised that the boiler was not working properly.

She didn’t know where to search for help. Well, basically on the internet there were many websites for fixing the boiler, but, how to find the best and most secure one? She spoke to her friend Beth who had the same problem a month ago and had said wonderful things about the plumber.

Caroline’s husband was on a business trip and didn’t know what was going on in the house, but she was sure that if he knew he would totally agree to ask for the help of Beth’s plumber.

With his phone number in hand, she called, for his assistance.

“Hi Matt, I’m Beth’s friend, Caroline. My boiler doesn’t seem to be working well. Would you come and try to fix it?”

“Hi Caroline, yes, I’ve been with Beth this morning, she told me about you, and about your problem. Can I come tomorrow morning?”

“Today would be ideal to be honest… my house is freezing.”

“Sorry, ma’am, I’m very busy today. I can make you my first call in the morning.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“I’ll bring my assistant, Leo, with me, if that’s ok?”


The following day, Caroline woke up early, had a shower, and put on her best lingerie with garter belt and stockings. She put on light makeup, had a coffee, and then the doorbell rang.

Matt was more than she expected. Large shoulders, stubble beard, short hair. With him, his assistant, a bit shorter and skinnier than his boss, but no less desirable.

“Come on in,” she said with a gesture.

They both looked at her outfit. She wore a short robe over the lingerie, revealing her stocking tops.

She showed them where the boiler was and complained about the house being cold.

They brought their tools and went straight to check the problem. She stayed there with them, paying attention to their fabulous skills.

Sometimes they looked at her, and she was leaning against the wall, legs slightly parted, just waiting for the first command.

“Maybe you want to see what’s going on here, ma’am,” the boss said.

She approached him, looking at his face while he was pointing out the problem. Caroline felt the heat of his skin and the desire vibrating from his body.

That made her shiver and her pussy contract.

He held her waist and took her closer to the boiler with her back towards him.

His smell got stronger and his member got so big that she could feel it touching her ass over the robe.

She moved back a little and touched him with her ass, rubbing his dick and dampening her panties. He squeezed her waist and her cunt pulsated intermittently.

The assistant was behind them, watching everything.

“Can I help you with something else?” Caroline turned in front of the boss and knelt down, unzipping his jeans. She looked at Leo and saw his hard member tenting his pants.

With a gesture she called him closer. He unzipped his pants and stroked his cock while she stroked and put Matt’s cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his shaft and played with his balls.

Leo came closer still, stroking his long penis. She took Leo’s cock and sucked it. Leo had a long and thinner dick while Matt had a thick and a bit shorter penis. She played with them for a while and then showed them her beautiful tits. They caressed and sucked them enthusiastically.

She felt desired by these men whom she barely knew and who were somewhat younger than her. They squeezed her ass, fingered her pussy and called her hot. They took off her panties and Leo went down kissing her belly, her crotch and opening her folds with his tongue.

His tongue worked like magic in her insides making her body vibrate when he touched her clit. She asked him to lay down and then she sat on his mouth. At the same time Leo was sucking her clit she stroked Matt’s cock and sucked him all over. She gasped when she felt his cock touching her throat and continued to swirl her tongue around his thick and delicious member.

Leo played with his tongue around her clit until she completely lost her senses and poured all of her cream inside his beautiful mouth.

With her body still shaking she put Matt’s cock in her mouth again and engulfed all of his creamy seed.

Still lying down, Leo remained playing with her pussy that was super sensitive and ready for another orgasm that came faster than the one before. Her moan was harder and louder.

Exhausted, Caroline got up and left the men to finish their work.

After an hour her house was warm and her body was still trembling with the memories of the orgasms she had.

Later in the afternoon Beth called to check on her.

“The best plumbers I’ve ever had!”

“I told you, Caroline, I can’t live without them now.”


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








My desires are usually insatiable but today was something else

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