Season 7 of Game of Thrones is finally upon us, which means we’re reaching levels of hype we never thought possible. Will Jon Snow meet Daenerys Targaryen? Will Arya and Sansa finally reunite? And where the hell is Gendry? We’re not even emotionally prepared for some of these questions to be answered, but at least our nails will be. We tapped five of our favorite Instagram nail artists to design one exclusive season 7-inspired manicure. Ahead, five designs and three tutorials to watch and for the watch!

By Harper’s Bazaar

Three Eyed Raven

The inspiration: The three-eyed raven holds major significance in the show for Bran Stark in particular. In the novels, the bird—which appears to Stark in his visions—is actually a crow.

Source: By @Astro wifey

Ice Dragon

The inspiration: Fans have long speculated that Daenerys Targaryen's dragons would end up in the snowy North by the end of the Game of Thrones story—meaning the battle is in full-swing. But the question remains: are they there to fight for Daenery's throne for the Seven Kingdoms, or against the looming threat of White Walkers?

Source: By @Rosebnails

Valyrian Steel

The inspiration: "These were inspired by the rippled patterns of Valyrian steel, the magical metal forged by a lost technique in Old Valyria. It's one of only two substances known to kill the white walkers, and I think the Valyrian steel swords—and who has possession of them—are going to play an important role in the final seasons."

Source: By @ladycrappo

White walker

The inspiration: This all-white, minimalist manicure is perfect for the fan that still has to go to a conservative office on the Monday following the season premiere. The gradient white polish and white half-circle shape were inspired by the white walkers themselves.

Source: By @jessicawashick

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