The best. The ultimate superlative is one of those dicey things that tech reviewers shouldn’t play around with, owing to how different everyone’s needs and preferences are, but I’m sorely tempted to use it about Bang & Olufsen’s headphones. These might just be the best portable headphones out there.

What makes the H6s special is their sound. It is instantly engaging and gratifying. Bang & Olufsen has noticeably bumped up the bass response from the first edition while retaining impeccably clear and prominent highs. The extension in both directions is excellent — from growling sub-bass to the tinkliest of treble — and there are no recessed mids to spoil the party either. Compared to analytical or audiophile headphones, the H6s have a definite bass bump, but you know how I feel about extra bass (it’s a good thing!).

Everything coming from these headphones has impact and presence, but also refinement. The highs never become piercing — something I’m especially sensitive to — and the bass, while slightly exaggerated, is never anything short of satisfying. Something to keep in mind on the portable front is that when you’re listening to music with commuter noise all around you, the bass is the first thing to be lost, and so headphones that give you a bump in the department are, in fact, more faithful to the music in their most likely usage scenario.

Besides performance, these headphones are also rich on practicality. These headphones’ design is, firstly, gorgeous in a way that almost everyone can appreciate (would DJ Khaled ever steer you wrong?). But more importantly, the Headphones are feather-light and unbelievably comfortable. Yes, their earcup is shaped like a perfect circle, which the human ear never is, but the soft leather and memory foam make that irrelevant — I basically feel like I’m wearing a pair of puffy clouds around my ears. The whole set is built out of high-quality materials: leather on metal on metal on leather on top of your head. No creaks, no flaws

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The best headphones ever

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