I’d much rather see the world through the eyes of a child. They have an innocence about them that is genuine and very real. It seems as you grow into adulthood you lose that innocence and once you do it is gone forever. Did you ever see a child’s eyes light up at Christmastime as they stand in line to tell Santa what they want for Christmas? They are full of excitement and quiet anticipation as their whole world revolves around that single moment in time leading up to sitting on Santa’s lap and truly believing in their heart that they were good this year as they try to remember to mention everything they hope that he will leave for them underneath the family Christmas tree. It is what is so wonderful about being a child and it brings a smile to every parent’s face as they reflect on that very special time when they too were a child.

Children have no preconceived notions as they are not yet tainted by experience and they say things both honestly and sincerely as they were taught. They don’t ever sugar coat what they say because they have no reason to and they have not adapted that practice yet into their young lives. They are spontaneous and are very perceptive. They are very focused in what they want and there is no question about it. I always remember when I was a child and I would say something to catch my parents attention they would always exclaim “out of the mouth of babes!” I find I say that as well when our son says something that brings a smile to my face and a realization that he makes some amazing observations as he expresses them in his own way.

If I could capture the youth, the innocence and the cuteness of a child at that precious time of their early childhood and market it I would be a rich man. The reality is that our lives are enriched by our children and when we capture them in photos or on video we are capturing something very priceless because those memories are something we need to preserve and save so when our children are grown up we will have something to have as a keepsake and a gift to show them to preserve that very special time in their lives. When we as parents see our children grow up it is a wonderful joy but we feel a bit sad as we grow older and our children outgrow their youth and innocence. It is a reality we all have to face but we wish to bond with our children for as long as we can and remember those years and never let them pass us by. Childhood is a gift that we as parents get to enjoy in raising our children because memories of our childhood have long passed us by and the memories are distant and we were too young to remember it. Our children give us this truly wonderful gift of living through and experiencing childhood through their eyes and this is what makes us who we are and teaches us the whole essence of what life is all about.

On the subject of kids and the things they say I have fond memories of a tv program our family used to watch when I was a kid with the host, Art Linkletter and later Bill Cosby. I always loved the segment when they each would ask the young kids, both boys and girls questions to see their responses and the things they would say, so innocently really made you smile and laugh because it was so natural and precious. They really had a way with kids and capturing them so naturally providing the tv viewer with some really funny moments. It was lighthearted and fun family entertainment. Kids say the darnedest things was the catch phrase and it was a show I always enjoyed because it captured the very innocence of childhood and the spontaneity of a child.

Some of the most popular tv commercials focused on a child’s youth and innocence. The most amazing thing you can ever capture is a child on camera just being a kid. It does not matter the decade if it was in the 50’s, the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s or today. Kids are all alike and they know how to express themselves and to say what it is that’s on their mind. They are the one’s who surprise and dazzle us and it is why we all can see why children are so special. They can make a sad day brighter with their view of things and make the world a much better place.

Children touch our hearts and make us whole. We become better and more responsible when a precious baby comes into our life and our lives will forever be changed in such a beautiful way that will make every day special and something to look forward to. Children keep us alive and make us feel needed and give us what we always wanted, a family. A mommy, a daddy and a baby make a family and when we have that in our life we will realize there is nothing greater than that. The pure joy of holding your baby in your arms close to your heart will make the toughest of men a tiny bit softer when they hear the precious heartbeat and feel them lay against them as they breath and sleep in their arms completely trusting and oblivious to all around them.

As a parent you realize it is just you and the baby and all you wish for when you hold your baby close to your heart is that the moment will last forever because you will never experience a bond as beautiful then that. I get very emotional when I think back to the days when I first held my son in my arms and I remember taking a mental note of how tiny he was and how special I felt holding him realizing how totally dependent he was and how truly wonderful and beautiful he was. Life is truly incredible when you get to share it with others, especially your wife and child. Family is what we all need in our life and experiencing childhood again but now with a child of our own is the best present we could ever ask for. We learn so much from our children that we can write a book of all the experiences, precious moments and joys they provide us throughout the years. We should realize early on how important it is to document this and keep the memories alive in our hearts and our minds.

By Edward D Lannielli III

Innocence is Bliss

There is nothing that can compare to a child's smile and the words spoken by them of " I love you mummy and daddy" this really makes ones day and puts things into perspective.

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