With millions forced to stay home, TikTok has grown into a huge craze with teen fans (and celebrities) getting in on the action to pass time. But who are the most popular TikTok stars making big moolah? These are the list of stars with millions of followers on the platform plus the stacks of cash to match!

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Charli D’Amelio Net worth 4 Million USD

It’s official – Charli D’Amelio is the biggest TikTok star there is! If you are a TikTok fan, then chances are you know who D’Amelio is. The 15-year-old Connecticut native launched her channel in June 2019 and it skyrocketed to the top of TikTok within months! Her popularity on the social media platform surged when she posted a duet with another TikTok user, Move With Joy. This particular video has already gotten over 2 million views since the time of posting. In her videos, D’Amelio would perform viral dances and other forms of choreography. One of her most notable performances is with the song “Renegade”. This dance routine has gotten so popular that it has become a meme. For her popularity, she was chosen to join the Hype House group in LA. The Hype House is a TikTok collective that aims to bring together the biggest names from the platform so they can produce daily content. Before her TikTok fame, she grew up in Connecticut wherein she was a competitive dancer for 10 years. She posts videos of her previous competitions on her Instagram account. In her videos, she does her own choreography. She also adds a few other content such as lip sync videos, vlogs, and other casual takes to her usual dance videos. However, it’s clear that her dance videos are a hit with her followers. As her rise to fame continued, she had the opportunity to perform onstage with Bebe Rexha and the Jonas Brothers. Following this experience, D’Amelio has expressed her desire to pursue professional dancing rather than stick to her social media fame. And if that’s not enough to say she’s made it – D’Amelio became the first ever TikTok star to appear in a Super Bowl commercial! With all the hype she’s getting from her TikTok videos, it is clear that D’Amelio is the new face of internet fame. As of this writing, she has 41.6 million followers on TikTok. She surpassed Loren Grey for having the most number of followers on TikTok at 41.4 million!

Source: @charlidamelio

Loren Gray Net worth 15 -20 Million USD

Before D’Amelio hit the new record for most followers on TikTok, Gray held that distinction. At only 13 years of age, she is also a star on Musical.ly which subsequently got acquired by TikTok. Thus, her social media fame isn’t isolated to TikTok alone. Like D’Amelio, Gray has performed viral dance challenges on her TikTok page. But she is most famous for her lip-dubbing trends. In an interview with Refinery29, Gray refers to dancing as the type of content that she enjoys doing most. As a testament to her popularity, she has a solid fan base who dub themselves as the “Angel Squad”. She also had a cameo in Taylor Swift’s music video for “The Man”. And if that’s not enough, she has signed into collaboration with Betsy Johnson for their prom collection. Recently, Gray expressed her desire to work on her music career – something that she’s been working on since 2017. In May 2019, she released her first single “Can’t Do It”.

Riyaz Afreen Net worth 3851 USD/Month

known simply as Riyaz). The young Indian superstar is known for his looks, as well as his dancing and acting skills that translate well on Tiktok. In fact, his dance and music videos were what catapulted him to social media fame. In just a few months since creating his TikTok account, he gained millions of followers! His fan base are predominantly females, especially young girls. But for Afreen himself, he is into Bollywood movies, fitness and travel. He has collaborated with a few other TikTok stars in a few of his videos. Some of those he had collaborated with include his best friend Mr. Faisu, as well as Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair Rahmani. Due to his popularity, Afreen has worked with local brands while earning his coin through sponsorships.

Baby Ariel Net Worth 3 Million USD

Ariel Martin AKA Baby Ariel might be surpassed by Charli D’Amelio and Loren Gray in the ranking for the most TikTok followers, Baby Ariel can claim that she was the one who did it first. She was the first TikTok star to reach the 20-million follower mark on Musical.ly – way before Tiktok acquired the hit platform. Her fame continued to grow from there as the 19-year-old would post videos of her miming to songs from various artists. She also branched out and set up her own Youtube channel. As of this writing, she has 3 million subscribers on Youtube and 9 million followers on Instagram. Currently, she records her own songs – not just mimes to other artists’ songs. According to Ariel, the experience has been exciting for her, saying: “It’s been a whirlwind, I tried a bunch of new things, got in the studio, recorded some songs, filmed a movie, travelled a lot.” Martin’s social media fame has landed her multiple gigs on the Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows.

Addison Rae Net Worth 2 Million USD

At a follower count of 27.8 million, it’s clear that she is one of the top influencers on the platform. The 19-year-old Addison Easterling started out while she was babysitting a group of middle schoolers. She created Tiktok videos as a way to overcome her boredom. Little did she know that it was the start of something big for her career! As the platform gained popularity, so did her fan base. As one of Tiktok’s most followed users, Rae was invited to become a Hype House member along with Charli D’Amelio and a few other Tiktok superstars. But in case you didn't know, she is not the only one who’s TikTok famous in her family because her mother Sheri and dad Monty are also on Tiktok! In fact, these two occasionally appear on her videos. Her mom’s Tiktok account isn’t too shabby either with 3 million followers while her dad has 1 million. In case you want to get a peek into her life, she is also on Instagram. She shares mostly selfies, throwback photos, and glam vacations with the Hype House members on her feed. Because of her popularity, it is estimated that Addison earns $14,500 per sponsored post on her Tiktok page. Not too shabby!

Spencer X Net Worth 1.1 Million USD

When it comes to the list of Tiktok stars, Spencer X AKA Spencer Knight) is one of those with real talent and skill to show off. He is a 27-year-old artist known for his beatboxing skills, which is also part of the reason why he grew a massive following on the platform. Currently, Spencer X has nearly 26 million followers on Tiktok. He does a masterful job of showcasing his beatboxing skills on his profile, to the delight of his fans! Prior to being a Tiktok sensation, Spencer X is already an award-winning beatboxer in New York. He has performed on-stage with well-established artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Dave Koz, Dead Prez, and The Filharmonic. In addition, he has worked with top brands like Coca Cola, Citibank, Saks 5th Avenue, and Yelp. His fame can be attributed to the variety of music he plays and for his creativity on his Tiktok profile, which always gives fans something new to look forward to.

Mr Faisu Net Worth 12,837 USD/Month

Mr. Faisu is another Indian superstar who’s making his mark on Tiktok. As mentioned above, he is the best friend of Riyaz Afreen, with whom he had collaborated with on several Tiktok videos. Mr. Faisu is part of a group of Indian creators on Tiktok known collectively as Team 07. In 2019, he was temporarily suspended from the platform for violating its community guidelines. But he managed to come back in early 2020 and resumed his popularity on the platform. In fact, he has maintained his reputation as one of the most popular creators from India. Faisu and the rest of the creators from Team 07 are known for their short comedy videos, as well as dancing videos. He recently released a song with Jannat Zubair and is already in talks of doing a movie. As of this writing, his Tiktok account has 25.3 million followers.

Gilmher Croes Net Worth 5 Million USD

The 26-year-old Tiktok star from Aruba is one of the most popular names on the platform. He is known as the other half of the popular Croes brothers with a following of 24.7 million! Upon graduating high school, Gil opted to become a model and it was during this time that he started posting sketch comedy videos on Facebook. This helped him establish notoriety on social media. From Facebook, he moved his focus to Tiktok and continued to post funny clips. This is when his popularity really caught on as his thousands of followers quickly grew to millions! He is best known for his humorous body language and sketches that are Jim Carrey-like in style. Aside from his Tiktok page, he also has a huge following on other social media including Instagram. He created a Youtube channel in 2014, which now has 96k followers. He has another Youtube channel with his brother, known as CroesBros, that has over a million subscribers. Aside from making Tiktok videos, Gilmher passes his time with his hobbies such as skateboarding, biking and other kinds of sports.

Kristen Hancher Net Worth 13.5 Million USD

With over 23 million followers, there is no question that she is a Tiktok superstar! Like many others on this list, Hancher started out in Musical.ly before it merged with Tiktok. Even before that, she was also on YouNow but when she gained more attention on Tiktok, she decided to ditch the former and focus all of her attention on making videos on Tiktok. This Canadian social media star was born and raised in Ontario. But her followers quickly gained notice of her due to her resemblance to Kylie Jenner. She used it to her advantage so she can gain more of a following on Tiktok. The 20-year-old made a name for herself on the platform over the past couple of years. Her Tiktok profile features mostly beauty and dance videos. Hancher was also previously part of a popular group known as Team 10. During this time she dated photographer and fellow influencer Austin Hare. But after the duo split up, she also left the group. It seems as though Hancher is doing well on her own, as she continues her rise to being one of Tiktok’s top stars. In fact, she is also among the social media stars that lived in the Hype House mansion in Los Angeles.

Source: @kristenhancher

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth 500,000 USD

With 22.8 million followers on Tiktok, the 16-year-old started out on Musical.ly wherein he had a mildly successful musical career. In fact, he has his own Spotify page that features some of his musical releases. His music was picked up by RCA Records and he has performed in several cities worldwide including New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Paris. He is also a talented songwriter. The teenage Tiktok influencer became widely known on the platform because of his comedic video posts. He first joined Musical.ly in August 2016 wherein he would post videos of himself lip-synching to songs. But his fame skyrocketed when he started posting videos on Tiktok. As of now, he is only 17 years old but is already making a name for himself, whether in Tiktok or through his music. In 2018, he also made headlines for his relationship with superstar Millie Bobby Brown from the hit show “Stranger Things”.

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