The Unforgivable Delay: The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 Reunion Debacle

Listen up, because I’m only going to say this once. We were all there, glued to our screens, watching the riveting, drama-saturated, lavish lifestyles of the Real Housewives of Lagos. Showmax gave us this explosive show that had us on the edge of our seats and in pure anticipation, baited our appetites for the grand reunion spectacle. However, what they’ve delivered in the aftermath is not only shocking—it’s a masterclass in how to betray an audience’s trust.

Ladies and gentlemen, where on earth is The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 Reunion? We’ve been played. Dates teased and pulled, a carousel of promises leading us to a dead end. What we’ve got is a silent screen and a surge of dissatisfaction.

The latest fumble? January 19th was finally dangled before our eager eyeballs only to be yanked away with no word, no trace—as if it was nothing more than a figment of our collective imagination. The curtain was supposed to rise, but now the stage is empty, the audience restless and the performers nowhere in sight.

It’s not just about the delay, though that, in and of itself, is a slap in the face. It’s about the deafening silence from Showmax. To the legions of us who forked over hard-earned currency for this service predominantly to revel in the reunion show, it’s not just silence that’s being sold—it’s disrespect.

Subscribers aren’t just numbers on a report, we are the bloodline that keeps the content pumping—the life force behind the luxurious, larger-than-life personas we see on screen. When you market a show, you set an expectation. When you pull the rug out from under that expectation with no clarification, what you’re really saying is, “Your time, your anticipation, your money—it doesn’t matter.”

Now, in the world of content is king, we, the viewers, we’re the kingmakers. And yet, here we are, our authority undermined, waiting on our thrones for a royal event that keeps receding into the distance.

What could possibly justify this? Are we not owed at least a semblance of communication? In an age where social media and instant updates are at the fingertips of even toddlers, there’s no excuse for Showmax to go dark on us. No crisis management, no damage control—what happened to valuing your consumer base? And why aren’t the cast saying anything to their followers ?

To the executives, to the public relations team, to the whole crew behind this unexpected cliffhanger, it’s not too late. Salvage this. We want clear, open communication regarding the delay. We want to know when the Queen Bees of Lagos will grace our screens once more. We’re not asking for much—just for a scrap of respect and the service we paid for.

Failure to deliver could mean a mass exodus of subscribers. Remember, it’s easier to maintain the trust and satisfaction of your viewership than to rebuild it from scratch. Let this serve as a wake-up call. Fix the schedule, clear the air, appease your crowd—before the crowd turns the channel for good.

In the fierce world we live in, where competition is but a click away, you can’t afford to be anything but exemplary. Step up, Showmax. We’re waiting. #RHOLagos #WhereIsTheReunion #ShowmaxShowdown

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To the executives, to the public relations team, to the whole crew behind this unexpected cliffhanger, it’s not too late. Salvage this.

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Source: @faithmorey

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