These incredible Gel Pads have a large surface area which makes them: strong, durable, malleable, and extremely versatile in their uses. Employing minimalist design principles the manufacturers have created an elegant product that will compliment your devices, style, and home.

The Pads are thin and malleable, making them great for sticking unusual or irregular shapes!
For example: hiding keys, organising cables and sticking Go Pros to skateboards!
The manufacturers have worked from the very start to ensure the material composition of Fixate provides a safe holding solution for your most valued devices and enough versatility to hold whatever you challenge it with.

The Pads are completely reusable. The super sticky formula will cause it to accumulate lint and dirt as you change applications.
To restore to full sticking power, simply wash with warm water and leave to air dry.

What you can use it for

Rental housing replacement for hooks, bluetack or tape. No damage and a strong hold

Conference and Seminar use for temporary posters and displays

Fix carpets, display items, organise remotes, chargers and cables. Clean dirt and lint from different areas

Fixate smart phones and tablets to various surfaces for steady video calling

Car and boast adhesive for smart phones, cameras and GPS during travel

And anything else you may think of!


Stick your Fixate to the desired surface.
Remember Fixates work best on non-porous, clean surfaces

Stick your item/device to the Fixate.
We advise testing items in a safe area beforehand

Twist and pull your item/device gently to remove it from the Fixate Gel Pad

Gently peel the Fixate off of the surface to remove

Wash, air dry and place your Fixates back in their protective plastic in between uses

Get this incredible bundle pack which includes

Originate fixate gel circle
Clear circle
Strips Pack of 4
Triangle Pack of 4
Large Fixate Gel Pad
Concierge price: $605
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

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Travelling this season?

Gel pads help you stay hands free on the plane, train or bus

So what will you be fixating with your new gel pads?

Bundle pack

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