Are you taking action and doing everything your upline is asking you to do but you feel like you’re going nowhere?
Now if you really want to succeed but what you’re doing just isn’t working, we are here to tell you you are in the wrong business, there is a better way to make a lot of money online and it doesn’t involve bugging people with unsolicited information

Why? because we know if you are doing what we were taught to do when we got started in this industry, then it sounds like this…

* Making the list of 100 people we knew

* Bugging friends and family until they started to ignore us

* Posting about our products all over our social media feed

* Posting the ‘join me’s’… ‘I’m looking for 3 leaders to join my amazing team….’ blah blah blah

* Talking to everyone and anyone we met, weaving the products and opportunity into every conversation

* Sending cold messages to strangers

* Inviting everyone on our friends list to our groups

Aaaaaaaand getting rejected over and over again.

We hear ya and we feel ya.

We feel your pain, we feel your heartache, we feel your turmoil…

Everything we were told by our upline’s about building a successful business online was…

Completely false.

Do you want to know the secret of building a thriving network marketing business online?

Silly question, I know…

Well the secret is INFLUENCE from growing an audience of raving fans.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well it is…

And implementing this simple Formula that you can do without lifting a finger you can Passively Enroll more people than you ever imagined. This is a game changer.  

How would it feel?

* To have strangers online click your links without being forced, literally begging and wanting to buy your products and join your network .

* To grow an online business without bugging your friends and family or sending cold messages

* To hit your goals, rank advance and move towards your freedom
* To work from anywhere in the world I.e be both financially and location free.

That’s exactly what we did.

We’ve helped family, colleagues and students build online passive income using this strategy and they attract and enroll high quality business builders and have ranked to the top of the wealth pyramid.

What would it be worth to you if you could work from home doing what you love and NOT be stuck in the mud?

So, How is this different?

Chances are you’ve been taught to post your products on social media, to bug your family and friends and to send copy and paste messages, that’s not what we do here nor encourage that’s for simps and you ain’t no simp right?

What we do and have tested and proven and what you’ll be benefitting from shortly is a new way to grow an audience of people that want what you have and market to them in a professional way all without feeling like a salesly weirdo.

Go HERE to Learn more quick before this opportunity goes away.







I’m looking for 3 leaders to join my amazing team….’ blah blah blah ….just stop with the theatrics and sleazy marketing, join people who know what the heck they are doing…stop embarrassing yourself.

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