When we think of witch dolls, were thinking of Halloween, but there are people who actually buy witch dolls as collectibles, yes indeed!

Witch dolls also known as kitchen witches have been used since at least the Tudor era. The thought was that the figure would act as a good hag and safeguard domestic arrangements.

Source Telegraph

We’ve collated the most incredible Looking witch dolls if there is such a thing this is it!

Fierce witch says Darling I just fucking own it

Kind witch says she's got those warrior goddess, gypsy soul, magical witch, bitch type of vibes

Cheeky witch says this is what a real witch looks like

Flirty witch says don't make me stick my broomstick up your ass

Love witch says men are very fragile, they can get crushed down if you assert yourself in any way

Happy witch says witches are just princesses with PMS but after menopause the only spells they have are hot ones!

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