We’ve all wondered what it’d be like to suddenly come into ungodly amounts of money, but what if you had that kind of money for an extended period of time? Sooner or later, you’d run out of cool shit like islands and yachts to buy, and you’d end up spending your money on stuff that’s really hard to come by. Well in case that does happen, below are a few things you could spend your money on this Christmas season. Each item is included with slay concierge price. Follow the instructions below to purchase.

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A Giant Infared Healing Clam- concierge Price: $28,000

The Infrared Supine Sauna is a personal sauna that uses an array of tiny infrared lights to penetrate deeply into aching tissue. It's also full of jade stones, which have some kind of application in traditional Chinese medicine. But more importantly, it will let you simulate the feeling of being eaten by a humungous clam.

The Bat Golf Cart-concierge Price: $57,000

When taking a break from defeating super villains, protecting Gotham City, and sprucing up stately Wayne manor, Batman likes to hit the links. And he doesn't mess around with ordinary golf carts, no. He trundles around Gotham's finest courses in his own personalized, heavily armored and extremely badass golf cart that has six tires and can go 38 miles per hour.

Seven Foot Tall Robby the Robot Statue That's Not an Actual Robot-concierge Price: $64,000

Take your obsession with the 60 year old movie Forbidden Planet to its apex with this gigantic statue of the robot from the movie. It's made of fiberglass and comes with a CD that allows you to replay Robby's lines from the film. But in no way is this an actual robot, and it does nothing that a robot might actually be expected to do.

His and Hers Adventure Quadskis-concierge Price: $100,000

You love your spouse a lot, right? Sure you do. But do you love them enough to buy matching his and hers Vilebrequin Quadskis? You should, because these cool vehicles are prime for adventuring in both land and water, can go 45 miles per hour (faster than the Bat Golf Cart) and come with Go Pro cameras to record all of your shenanigans. Plus, they come with a trip to Florida for a personalized safety briefing.

Really, Really, Really, Really Nice Linens-concierge Price: $110,000

Leontine Linens Home Trousseau aren't your typical linens. With ultra-luxurious bed sheets, comforter covers, towels, shams, pillow covers and dinner napkins, you can outfit every room in your house with threads so amazing you'll never want to drape yourself in anything else ever again. They're custom made and arrive pressed and ready for luxuriating.

Paulie's Human-Mimicking Robot from ROCKY IV-$390,000

Paulie may have wanted a sports car, not no walking trash can, but his loss can be your gain. The Celebrity Robotic Avatar runs by remote control, and its limbs move with wires that are virtually invisible. It can mimic human conversation and movements, and dance using lifelike gestures. And, of course, it can get beers for famous boxers' crusty brothers-in-law.

The Most Expensive Sunglasses in Human History- concierge Price : $767,218

These Dolce and Gabbana's sunglasses are almost certainly the most expensive in the world, with their solid gold frame and diamond studded pieces. But they will also shade your eyes, which is priceless on a sunny day.

A Unique Fragrance Designed Just For You, In Paris-concierge Price : $950,000

The House of Creed Bespoke Fragrance Journey is a one-of-a-kind consultation with Master Perfumer Olivier Creed, during which a unique scent will be developed just for you, working off your tastes and physical traits. You’ll be whisked off to Paris for a week of luxuriating and perfume consultations, then, a few months later, you’ll receive 24 14-karat gold-gilded six-liter flacons and 12 14-karat gold-accented leather atomizers featuring your special perfume. 

The Sports Car That's Also a Submarine. concierge Price : $4,000,000

Inspired by the submarine Lotus sports car from The Spy Who Loved Me, the Submarine Sports Car floats when you drive it into water, and can submerge with the pull of a lever. It’s good for diving up to 33 feet, and has scuba tanks with enough oxygen for an hour. It’s also got a steel chassis, is impervious to salt corrosion, and can be powered for up to 80 miles of driving by its batteries. It doesn’t come with James Bond, however.

Your Own Submarine. concierge Price : $4,000,000

If you prefer your submarines more suited for exploration, The Personal Submarine is what you want. Rated for dives up to 1,000 feet, the sub can operate for up to six hours, with its occupants protected by a 3 inch thick acrylic pressure sphere. It can operate under rough conditions, has a GPS receiver built in and features numerous external xenon lamps for observing exotic fish, shipwrecks, and the mysteries of the ocean.

Yet Another Submarine, This Time for Five People. concierge Price : $5,400,000

Designed to dive to 656 feet, The Five Person Exploration Submarine lets you take your team of treasure hunters to depths mere mortals can only dream of. It can run 2.5 knots underwater and has two independent life support systems. Purchase includes comprehensive training in how to not die in a submarine you bought.

The Ultimate Bond Villain Island Lair. concierge Price : $200,000,000

You'll need a place to store your personal submarines, diamond dog collars, glass pool tables and Self-Contained Hootenannies. And you'll want to do so with both luxury and privacy. So, Project Utopia is what you want. A true Bond villain lair, the floating yacht island is slated to be 11 decks tall and 100 meters long with enough space to house a small country. It will also feature four helicopter pads, wet docks for boats, and jet skis for recreational use. The interior hosts a retail area, a theater, a restaurant, bars, nightclubs, and a casino so you'll never need to leave. Yacht Island Design's Project Utopia hasn't gone past the design stage yet, but that leaves you enough time to customize it with guard towers, laser weapons, nuclear missiles, and secret agent torture chambers.

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