Ask yourself this? What are you saying everyday? Do you say positive things or negative things.

It’s important that you learn to use words so they work for you not against you.

Fact: Your words will either make you a winner or keep you a captive.

If you keep on talking about how you are defeated, saying “poor old me” I’ve tried and tried. Everything is against me” things will certainly stay just as they are or get worse.

Listen If you are defeated, you’re defeated with your own lips. People want to lay their problems on others and circumstances. If you are defeated YOU are responsible.

A favorite passage in proverbs 6:2 says
“Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth”-

YOU said that YOU could NOT, and the moment you said it, you were whipped.

You said that you could NOT and doubt rose up like a giant and bound you. You are imprisoned with your own words.

If you talk failure and defeat, failure will hold you hostage, in other words you are snared with the words of your mouth.

If you keep doubting yourself and don’t believe in yourself, your doubt will consume and quench your power to succeed. Doubt will always dominate when you invite it in. You are the master of YOU, don’t give up this crucial position to Doubt. Confessing failure will develop failure in your system, confessing doubt causes doubt to grow stronger.

If you talk about your doubts and fears, it will destroy YOU. But if you reverse what you are talking about, it will change the order of things.

What should you talk about then? You ought to talk about winning. Look failure in the face and declare out loud now,

“I am greater than you, I am Master of You!”

Do this and failure will become a distant memory. The power of your words is immeasurable.

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Never believe in failure or defeat

Don't you dare underestimate the inimitable power of your words

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