The Baby Collection is a whimsical take on the animal kingdom’s youngest creatures. This fascinator features hedgehog hoglets playing around in a garden.

Hedgehogs are named for the way they eat, as they root underneath hedges and other vegetation, making snorting noises like a hog. When hoglets are born, their litters can range anywhere from one to eleven and they remain with their mothers for only four to seven weeks before heading out on their own. A fun fact about the hedgehog is that when it’s in danger, it rolls into a ball so that the quills cover the entire area of their exposed body and protects the animal from predators. Don’t worry, the quills on this fascinator aren’t too sharp!

✦ The entire base of this fascinator is made of hand stretched wool felt.

✦ On top of the fascinator, is a custom-designed ecosystem to match the vibrant world of the animals who inhabit them.

✦ All of the animals are made from plastic cast, then embroidered with glass beads.

Concierge price: $826.8

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