Lorelai Mosnegutu has lived a life most people couldn’t imagine. She was born in Romania with severe physical deformities – so much so that her birth mother abandoned her and left her to die.
But Lorelai’s intelligence and determination helped develop her into the person she is today! Even though she doesn’t have any arms, Lorelai has managed to cultivate a jaw-dropping skill over her short 14 years of life.
This skill even got her the chance to perform on Romania’s Got Talent….

Lorelai’s adoptive mother, “Mama Vio” didn’t let her physical disabilities get her down. At six months old, Mama Vio put a pencil between Lorelai’s toes and pushed her to exercise them as much as possible!

Not only was Mama Vio keen on making sure Lorelai’s feet could be of use later down the road, she also turned her adopted daughter into an academic all star.

By the time Lorelai entered grade school, she was proficient at the alphabet! Reading and writing came naturally to Lorelai – she’s already written 10 books and has begun to dabble in the art of poetry.

Despite all of her academic success and personal triumph, nothing comes close to her musical talent. Raising her feet to the piano keys and leaning into the microphone, Lorelai sings and plays like some of the most skilled artists out there!

So, when Lorelai took the stage on Romania’s Got Talent, she blew everyone watching live and on the Internet away! Judge Andi Moisescu told a national Romanian publication how much her performance moved him.

Her voice, drenched in heartbreak and adversity, coupled with her obvious knack for the piano is something everyone should witness at least once in their lives.

Watch Lorelai’s breathtaking performance for yourself in the video and see her priceless reaction when she gets the coveted “Golden Buzzer!”

Even though Lorelai’s life has been far from easy, she’s persisted and showed everyone that a disability doesn’t mean you should be counted out!

By Faith Tap

So Inspiring

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It is cool to be different and just be who you are and shock people in a good way

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