⏰ Be prepared to give it time ⁣

👙Be prepared to see those clothes feel tighter (I squeezed into the leggings on the right today🤣)⁣

🍽 Be prepared to eat (for me this was 3950 calories a day at the end of my bulk)⁣

🏋🏼‍♀️Be prepared to give every single training session your all and focus on progressively overload (you need to be logging your lifts!) I trained legs twice a week and upper body twice a week.⁣

💪🏻Be prepared to see the muscle definition slowly fade & yes for me this meant cellulite to become more visible with the weight gain.⁣

⚖️ Be prepared for your body fat % to increase and for the scales to the increase

& if you want those results you’re going to have to adhere to your plan.⁣
I know from doing all the above to the best of my ability my legs have pretty much doubled in size (of course not all is muscle and I have gained fat but that is inevitable).⁣

I set myself the goal to grow and that’s exactly what I did.⁣

I put my all into that goal and I am proud of what has been achieved.⁣

Now it’s time to slowly see this physique unveil and smash my competitions!⁣

If you want to grow muscle it’s going to take a lot of work but no goal worth having comes easy. ⁣

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Be prepared for your body fat % to increase and for the scales to the increase.

Source: @gljfitnessuk

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