Have you ever gotten an event invite that requires some kind of dress code that leaves you feeling a little frantic? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The terms “semi-formal,” “business casual” and “cocktail attire” have struck fear into the best of us.

While whoever came up with the term “dressy casual” should totally be fired — hello, aren’t those two opposing terms? — there are actually specific expectations behind some of the most confusing dress code suggestions.

Our secret is when in doubt go for a full proof look

This is a full proof outfit that can really be worn to most events without looking totally out of place.

This look includes tailored white Flare pants and an absolutely gorgeous lace top. The top comes in yellow, beige and blue.

Click here to get the look.

Type look 01-51 in the search box to find it.

To get the full look see butterfly by slay my shades.

For super gorgeous hair click here to get Brooke by slay my hair.

Look 01-51

Slay Angels are also wearing butterfly by slay my shades and Slay Angel in yellow is wearing Brooke by slay my hair

The back of this look is so gorgeous

Incredibly chic

Details of the lace top included in this look

Colors are blue, beige and yellow

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