In the past, you might have bought an umbrella expecting to use it only for a short while before losing it. Now, a virtuoso team has been working hard to bring state-of-the-art IoT technology to the umbrella industry and create the world’s first smart umbrella that you can be proud to hang on to.

Single-Press Open & Close

When was the last time you closed an umbrella with just your thumb? With this Umbrella, a single push of a button automatically closes or opens the umbrella with a minimum of fuss or mess, freeing up your hands to tend to shopping bags, children, or more.

One charge lasts for months, though the eMotion is designed to operate manually too if the battery ever runs out, so you’re never stuck in the rain. Sturdy design, oversize coverage, and Teflon coating for superior water repellency makes this quite possibly the only umbrella you’ll ever need.

So if you’re heading out to tackle the world, we think you’ll find that this Umbrella is an indispensable part of your ensemble.  

Concierge price : $636
Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

Contact concierge at to get it.

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