Your business is growing and you are getting lots and lots of orders.

You get a huge contract in millions and excitedly rush to your bank to apply for a loan to issue a guarantee to your suppliers so you can fulfil your big contract, but alas your bank says No sorry mate, unless you have 100% collateral we can’t fund this.

If this is you, you are in luck!

Introducing the Slay Network trading funding.

Available to you even if you don’t have all the collateral to back your expansion.

Instrument funding, equity cash contribution required

For trade or loan deals


Advance payment guarantee
Performance bond
Tender bond

Pricing and tenor 

Documentary Lc can only be issued at sight at 15% equity contribution upfront.

90 days 15% flat
180 days 17% flat
1 yr 21% flat

No other fees or collateral required 
Min 1 million USD max 5 million USD per tranche no total max
For instance
If client needs 10 million USD it will be issued in two tranches over two days. 
Please note full deposit is required for entire deal even though the instrument is issued in tranches. 

Estimated timing to conclude from date of payment 6-10 working days 

Issuing bank: Bank winter Austria advised thru Singapore Deutsche Bank AG

To learn more about Slay Network trading click here

To contact the Slay Network trading team click here

You’ll need to show evidence you have the equity contribution for the transaction

You’ll also need to send the details of what you are trying to fund.


There's always a way out, never listen to NO

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