Elon got a deadly divorce.
I don’t know one person in the world who’s surprised.
Imagine this: you have a kid with someone. That someone isn’t home for 365 days a year. Can you guess what will happen?
That’s what happened to YOLO Elon.
He can do whatever he wants though. He can intervene in wars, shoot his mouth off, bang anyone he wants, avoid tax, make cool tech stuff, buy anything his ego desires, and live in any exotic place he likes.
Most of you don’t know the dark side of his billionaire story. I’m going to share it with you so you stop worshipping his way of life. It’s a cult.
He’s only successful with his career. Every other part of his life is a friggin nightmare.

The work schedule of a psychopath
Elon told the New York Times that he often works 120-hour workweeks.
As he described his work life to the reporter he choked up with emotion — a rare thing for the bulletproof man to do.
He says that crazy workload and lack of sleep forced him to scold innocent Wall Street analysts just trying to do their jobs. Naturally, an apology for his actions was later given. Such a sweetheart 🙂
In the same interview, he admits he hadn’t taken more than a week off since 2001, the time he got malaria and couldn’t get out of bed. It takes a near-death experience for Elon to stay home from work.
Most days he doesn’t go outside.
Elon says there are days when he doesn’t leave the factory for 3 or 4 days.
He admits this crazy work schedule has cost him time with his kids who get parented by iPads, and his friends rarely see him either.

Elon is the real slave
The part that made Elon emotional was describing his birthday.
Elon recalls how he spent all 24 hours of his birthday working.
“All night — no friends, nothing,” he said, struggling to get the words out.
48 hours after his birthday he was supposed to go to his brother’s wedding in Catalonia. That meant flying directly from the Tesla factory prison straight there.
He arrived just two hours before the big moment, barely enough time to eat and put on a fresh pair of jocks, let alone spend time with his brother.
As soon as the ceremony was over and the bouquet of flowers was tossed into a crowd full of desperate billionaire lovers, Elon had to fly out. He didn’t even get to stay for his brother’s first dance with his new wife.
Back to the Tesla prison he went without any detours.

The health disaster waiting to happen
Elon got asked if all of this overworking took a toll on his health.
It’s not been great, actually. I’ve had friends come by who are really concerned.
Now you know why Elon shoots his mouth off and says a lot of dumb stuff on Twitter. He’s probably got enormous mental health problems from working so hard.
When you have mental health issues, like I did, your filter on reality gets removed. You just do and say dumb stuff because, well, you’re exhausted.

The time astronauts threw stones at Elon
Elon’s overworking isn’t the first time the life he’s chosen has made him deeply emotional.
In a 60 Minutes interview, when asked about legendary astronauts Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan knocking his SpaceX missions, he got emotional. Both of them are Elon’s heroes.
They’re the reason he started the company, and now they were mocking his work. In another interview, we see how Elon’s business obsession has knifed him in the heart.
Interviewer: Once you have the company you have to feed it, and nurse it and take care of it even if it ruins you?
“Yep,” Elon says as he starts to get deeply emotional and his eyes water.
He’s later asked in the same interview how he got through the 2008 global recession with Tesla. Elon had to stop the interview because he got so emotional. He says he came close to a nervous breakdown when both Tesla and SpaceX faced bankruptcy in 2008. Both are like his children, he said.
Everything he has is on the line, all the damn time.
Blogger Jack Raines describes it best:

Too much money makes you a slave to your net worth.
I respect that Elon gets emotional. It’s one of the few times he actually comes across as human rather than a Cyborg from another planet.

Quit romanticizing the Elon way of life
Hopefully, now you understand building a side hustle that turns into a unicorn startup that makes you a billionaire is a nightmare.
“Billionaire” means rich financially and broke in every other area of life. A truly wealthy life means you’re rich in all areas, not just business and money.

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By Tim Denning

Building a startup that turns into a unicorn can become a nightmare of extreme proportions …too much money can make you a slave to your Net worth

He says he came close to a nervous breakdown when both Tesla and SpaceX faced bankruptcy in 2008. Both are like his children, he said.

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