America’s Got Talent hatches a lot of new stars, but none quite like the one on tonight’s premiere — a piano-playing chicken!
Jokgu of the bird-based band the Flockstars wows the judges by reeling of America the Beautiful on a keyboard with her beak.

Things get off to a tense start when Jokgu — named after a game which combines volleyball and football – doesn’t seem to want to play ball

But Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Mel B, Simon Cowell and the audience are left stunned when after a bit of prodding she launches into a note-perfect rendition of the patriotic song.

Jokgu gets a standing ovation from the judges and the audience when she wraps up her performance, laying her talent out for all to see.

Some of the audience members are literally left with their mouths gaping open.

Jokgu and the other members of the Flockstars have their own YouTube channel and Facebook page called Two Creative Chicks.

Amazingly, America the Beautiful is not the only song she can play, with videos showing her playing everything from Korean folk songs to an operatic area.

And she and her feathered band-members can also play other instruments, like the xylophone/glockenspiel and the drums!

Their videos have already been viewed more than 2.5million times on YouTube. Jokgu also has her own Instagram pagewhere you can check out her latest pics and see some of her music.

Watch her incredible performance on America’s Got Talent below

By Monsters and Critics

Mouths Gaping as Jokgu wows the audience

Even American Chicks have talent

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