Using nothing but black electrical tape, artist Joel Alvarez has made a lucrative career out of detailing models’ bodies. “The Black Tape Project,” which now includes gold tape, studs and feathers, started in 2008 when Alvarez was just 25. He now has over 174,000 followers on Instagram, and charges up to $55,000 for a live performance. The trend has gotten so big that men pretend to be him online in order to scam women. “I do believe I’m the first person to tape someone in an artistic fashion,” Alvarez said. For private photoshoots, the so-called King of Tape charges between $500 and $1,000 a session. In a recent collaboration with the Jack Brewer Foundation and photographer, Michael Malone, the Black Tape Project has gone viral.

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Next level body art


BIZARRE new trend sees women wear nothing but duct tape on nights out.

The tiny pieces of tape are cut by hand and then artfully placed around the body to attract attention


Location dry lake bed Model: @denashe.bre

It's certainly an eye-catching look.

They claim their unusual fashion “outfits” combine one of the most common household items with the beauty of the human body.

The trend has been made famous by the Black Tape Project, a US firm who “tape up” models to attend events in the racy style.

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