Slaylebrity is a world class magazine and social platform allowing users access to high disposable income tier 1 and 2 traffic and an avid reader base. In short, The platform offers an International barometer of refined taste.

In a world where Influencer marketing and traditional advertising are beginning to yield limited poor results Slaylebrity represents a much better alternative

Slaylebrity is one of the most unrestrictive social platforms to advertise as almost all content except porn related content and terrorist content is accepted on Slaylebrity.

Things you must know

Slaylebrity will not write content on behalf of advertisers, advertisers provide their own content. 

There are many options for advertising which include:

1. Link only within an existing post: $500

2. Guest post -cost is $1000 per post again within an existing page
and $200 for article writing.

3. Social media promotion ( this option also includes one promotion post on the following social assets owned by slay network 

@theslaynetwork, @theofficialslayangels, @slaybambinis Instagram (310K followers)  
Facebook and private facebook page
TIK TOK And Linkedin

4. Giveaway promotion collaboration with slay network $2000 per promotion 

5. Influencer marketing with @theslayangels or @slaybambinis $5000 per promotion
6. Sticky Video on landing page: $10000 per slot.
This remains in place for one month and includes a link to a free feature in a relevant category. Plus 1 social media feature in four slay network social media assets.

7. Become a slay member and post as much as you like without restriction on the platform, plus get a free 1 day sticky video feature on Slaylebrity Landing page

Bronze: $12000 per year receive 10% discounts on all products plus advertising plus earn 10% referral fees 
Silver: $18000 per year receive 15% discounts on all products plus advertising plus earn 15% referral fees
Gold: $60,000 per year receive 25% discounts on all products plus advertising plus earn 25% referral fees

How to order
For products 1-6 buy credits here

For product 7 click here to become a VIP member

Other useful information
Media Kit

Advertising information

Slaylebrity is hands down the easiest platform to advertise your brand or services

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