Slaylebrity is a world class magazine and social platform allowing users access to high disposable income tier 1 and 2 traffic and an avid reader base. In short, The platform offers an International barometer of refined taste.

In a world where Influencer marketing and traditional advertising are beginning to yield limited poor results Slaylebrity represents a much better alternative

Slaylebrity is one of the most unrestrictive social platforms to advertise as almost all content except porn related content and terrorist content is accepted on Slaylebrity.

Things you must know

Slaylebrity can write the ad for you but this will result in a seven to ten business day turn around as opposed to 48hrs if Slaylebrity does not write your ad.

Benefits of advertising on slaylebrity:

Slaylebrity is an online luxury social magazine for high networth Individuals.
The luxury lifestyle platform is a world class digital engaging magazine and social platform allowing users access to high disposable income tier 1 and 2 traffic and an avid reader base. In short, The platform offers an International barometer of refined taste.

When trying to raise awareness for an expensive luxurious brand it is definitely more prudent to focus on platforms that focus solely on attracting users that like ultra expensive Luxurious things than a general platform.

Slaylebrity has accomplished something no other publication or digital platform can claim – an environment dedicated heavily to reaching an affluent audience for brand awareness.

They also come with instant results ! There’s also super low competition, which is great for you! To top it all off you get to keep more money in your pocket!
This is a major opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on. This is the strategy that will skyrocket your business, and boost your profits to insane levels!

The Big Showdown: PPC vs Slaylebrity Ads

PPC Marketing Is Placing Your Ad In Front Of Someone Based On The Words They Searched For.

Ex: Health, Home Improvement, Beauty, Travel,

PPC Marketing is where you place your ad in front of a potential visitor, based on the words they search for. E.g. if they look for AC repair, then they can see your ads if you’re an HVAC company.
Sounds simple, right? But it’s going to cost you money. You can pay up to $80 for 1 click. This doesn’t come with any branding or follow up marketing! That means you’re paying close to $100 for traffic that could leave your website without taking any action.
But with Slaylebrity ad marketing, you get to place your ads based on your target market’s interests e.g. Health, Home Improvement, etc.
You don’t have to pay per click. You pay one fixed amount. That means for every ad you do you pay one fixed amount of $10,000 and no limit on the clicks to your site. Clients are getting anywhere from 200 to more than 2000 clicks to their site, PPC will barely get you half of this for the same amount. And you will keep getting leads over time from this one ad. In addition Slaylebrity concierge team will answer any of your leads’ queries via our online 24hr live chat support.

By now, you see why Slaylebrity ads are the way to go

If you’re looking for hot leads and more conversions, this is the strategy for you. We’ve covered everything you need to know.

All advertisers must provide non copyright photos to accompany the listing.

Payments: we accept paypal

You can pay direct to our PayPal address at

Free submissions are not supported at this time on Slaylebrity. Our rates are not based on market standard or metrics because there is no other platform comparable to Slaylebrity. A listing on Slaylebrity is a stamp of approval that your brand or information is worth recognising by those who like the finer things of life. Please note that our staff are extremely busy and will be unable to respond if you are not able to afford or eager to pay our rates.

Once you make a payment contact us via live chat at or send an email to, your ad will be live within 48 hrs of receiving your payment.

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Slaylebrity is hands down the easiest platform to advertise your brand or services

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