For your daughter’s 5th birthday, there is no doubt you are going to do a Frozen theme party, if this is you read on.

The Frozen obsession is nothing we have to explain, right?  Your daughter carries around an Elsa doll with her for like 9 months.  Everywhere she goes , there is the plush Elsa. She is in every family photo, she falls on the ground (actually on many grounds), she goes to and from grandma’s house, and she is washed a several times. Her head finally comes off and You thought that was finally the end of Elsa, but it isn’t .  Dear old Grandpa sewed her head back on! When We were kids dads only got involved if We did something wrong (which was rare) and yet for your daughter, he painstakingly sits at home sewing back plush Elsa’s head back on!  Um, what??   But anyway, We digress. You get the point.

The 9-month obsession with the plush Elsa doll leads to a fabulous Frozen themed birthday party. This Frozen theme birthday party starts with the outfit of course. An outfit specially made just for you by slay my bambini.

Size: Custom
Price: $1562.4
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

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This Frozen theme birthday party starts with the outfit of course

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