So you want clear skin! You’ve tried every gimmick and fad routine out there and you skin ain’t getting glowy nor dewy, nor fantabulous, nor any other words that describe the skin you’ve been wanting your entire life.

Well well your search and frustration is finally over.

Here is a slay routine that will help you reach your goal.

Before trying out any skin care routine make sure you consult with a licensed Dermatologist. Slay beauty (nor its affiliates ) will not be held accountable or responsible for any side effects you may experience by trying out this recommended beauty regimen. Also if you have issues with hydroquinone do not proceed further.

Now we’ve got legalities out of the way let’s get on with it shall we?

Alrighty then

So the reason most beauty regimens don’t work is mostly because you are using the same routine throughout the year. For effective skin management you need a more dynamic approach.

Here’s what you can try

6 weeks regimen


24 K gold homemade body shower gel
Kojic acid Soap Sun-Wed only
Papaya soap Thurs-Fri only

Rice and coconut oil water for face
Lactic cream body only
Slay beauty mix cream contains 4% Hydroquinone (face and body)
Bio Oil for stretch marks and face
Retin A 0.1% a pea size amount should be used in face only after putting oil on face


Shower with 24K gold shower gel soap

Slay beauty cream
Coconut oil
Retin A pea size on face after coconut oil only

Free your face! Literally

Use cleanser on face
Use witch hazel and rose water on face
Mix a bit of coconut oil, 24 K shower gel and aloe Vera plus papaya scrub and gently massage into face
Soak in hot bath for 30 mins
Scrub body with Korean exfoliating towel (you can get these from amazon)

After the bath use coconut oil on face and body

After six weeks switch

Natural lightening Body cream with no hydroquinone mix from slay beauty

In third week use face peel morning and night on face for seven days except Saturday (if you are sensitive skin this step)

Supplements daily
VIT A and D3 2 tablets a day
VIT C 1000 MG 1 a day
MSM 2 a day
Garcinia Cambodia 2 a day

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Lastly what you eat will affect your skin beauty progress significantly

Here’s our recommended slay fitness diet for this beauty regimen

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