Friend, I want you to listen closely to what I’m about to say as it could save your arse when you least expect it. 
I’ve learned a lot about business over the past 13 years. 
I’ve had ups. I’ve had downs. I’ve been to the top of the mountain… and… I’ve been tossed right back down to the bottom again.
When the going is good, life is great. But when the proverbial shit hits the fan, and you find yourself paralysed by the fear of not knowing if you can pay the rent next month… well, then… life ain’t so darn rosy anymore. 
And so, over the years, I’ve learned to build a financial wall of protection around myself in the following three ways, so I don’t find myself in trouble again… 
1 — I’ve learned to work on a BIG business idea, something that’s a long term project. A business I can sell in the future for a lot of money. How much money? Enough to see me safe and secure for the rest of my life!
2 — I’ve learned to work on a short term business idea, my bread and butter project… so to speak. A project that earns me darn good money. How much money? Enough to see me enjoying a great lifestyle each year and having enough left over to invest in my BIG business idea!
3 — I’ve learned to always have a safety net in place, a security blanket. Something that ensures I’ll never again be in a place where I can’t pay the rent. Something that ensures, if everything goes up in smoke, I’m not left standing in the rain with nowhere to go!
Now there are a lot of safety nets you can have. 
Some folks make investments. Others save for a rainy day. But in my humble opinion… the best safety net in the world… is having a loyal Slay tribe of raving fans at your disposal. 
Why? Because when you have a loyal tribe of raving fans, all you have to do is find out what they want to buy… then… give it to them… and… they’ll buy from you in droves — which fills your coffers. 
For example, about 4 months ago, We sent an email to about 250 people in our slay tribe. And from that email, We generated nearly seven hundred thousand dollars in sales and profits. Not a bad safety net, wouldn’t you say?
Now these days, it’s become remarkably difficult to create a loyal tribe of raving fans. 
Email, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Facebook are no longer what they used to be, the ability to build exposure online and leverage on it has become more un reachable for most common folk.
Right now, I’m building a new tribe on Slaylebrity and so far… the results have been amazing. My plan is to grow the exposure across all the major networks over the next 6 months to 100,000 raving fans or more. 
If you’re interested in seeing how you can also do this click the link below
It’s the one skill you need to learn to ensure your own financial security going forward. And believe me when I say, you’ll thank if/when the time ever comes when you need to rely on your tribe to get you through a tough financial bind. 
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