In the age of the selfie, women are all too familiar with what photographs of themselves silently suggest. Who are you? Where is your natural habitat? Which circles do you run with? Are you glamorous? Natural? Spontaneous? Professional? Sexual?

There is much to critique about the contemporary relationship between women and their photographic image, whether it’s taken by themselves or by another. On the upside, though, there is a growing awareness of the constructed nature of these photos ― how they represent playful performance more than fixed truth. Rewind 40 years or so and this was not the case. 
A new London exhibition titled “Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s” revisits a time when most women were regarded as passive muses instead of authoritative subjects and makers, in control of their bodies, identities and work. The stunning show celebrates 48 radical women artists who used their artwork to shatter the status quo, disrupt the male gaze, question assumptions of feminine identity and forever destroy the myth that art-making is a man’s game. 

This art piece from slay my art delves into the story behind the brilliant, bold and utterly badass Iris Apfel.

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People give me this bullshit of, ‘What would you have done if you weren’t so gorgeous?’” . “What difference does it make? [...] Gorgeous people die as do the stereotypical ‘ugly.’ Everybody dies!

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