Shaggy Afghan Hound. This spectacular dog breed originated in Afghanistan. DNA has proven it is an ancient breed thought to date to the pre-Christian period and is considered one of oldest breeds. 

The elegant distinct-looking Afghan hounds are undoubtedly a canine marvel to look at. Their exceptionally long hair and robust body structure make them stand out in every crowd. But that’s not all about these alluring dogs.
Contrary to popular belief, Afghan hounds are much more than regale, high-maintenance dogs that not every dog owner can keep. They have a lot of lesser-known qualities and facts that make them truly mystical. If you want to learn all about the gorgeous dog breed, you are in luck because we have rounded up eight facts about Afghan hounds that most people don’t know.

Their History Is a Mystery
Unlike most dog breeds, afghan hounds don’t have a traceable origin. People have a plethora of theories in regards to their history. Some say they came to Afghanistan with Alexander the Great’s army, while others claim they were present on Noah’s ark.
One group of experts also links afghan hounds with Salukis- another dog breed. They say that the long-haired dogs might be the descendants of Salukis as both have a similar appearance. But all these speculations require more in-depth research to come to a definitive conclusion.
The only definite aspect of the origin of Afghan hounds is their entry to the UK. It is perhaps the only certifiable fact about their history. The pages of canine annals report that British soldiers deployed in Afghanistan brought the charming dog breed to the United Kingdom.

Picasso Used To Admire Afghan Hounds
If you are an aesthete (an admirer of the arts), you must know that Pablo Picasso was a dog person as many of his paintings portray canines.
He is believed to have all kinds of dog breeds. From fierce German shepherds to fluffy poodles, Picasso had several dogs in his life. While it is thought that his most special pet was a dachshund, historians opine that his favorite was an Afghan hound. Whether that’s true or not is hard to say, but one thing is certain that he admired his long-haired canine companion because they are part of many of his paintings.

Afghan Hounds Were Hunters
Did your jaw just drop at the revelation? But it’s true! The majestic Afghan hounds were important aids to hunters in the past. It is said that they would help hunters catch animals in the wild.
Moreover, rumor has it that Afghan hounds would act as bodyguards for their owners and keep all wild animals away from them in the mountains of Afghanistan. This might be hard to accept because a dog resisting a wild animal such as a leopard may seem a bit farfetched, but surprisingly it is a fact.
Afghan hounds could keep their owners safe because of their massive bodies and agility. It is because of these qualities that the oh-so-dignified dogs would overpower a predatory animal in the wilderness.

Afghan Hounds Can Run Like Racehorses
Racehorses are the fastest animals on the planet, but they are not the only ones. Afghan hounds are also incredibly quick on their feet and can sprint as fast as a racehorse.
In numbers, an average Afghan hound can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour. And racehorses have a running pace of more than 40 mph. The fastest known racehorse is known to run at 43.97 mph, which is enough to deduce that Afghan hounds are high-speed animals.

Afghan Hounds Have a Distinct Body Structure
That’s an easy one because anyone can tell that Afghan hounds have a unique body structure just by looking at them. However, there’s more to their frame than meets the eye.
Afghan hounds are big dogs with fabulous fur, but what truly sets them apart from most other breeds is their hip placement. Their hips are positioned much higher than in any other dog, and the distance between their hips is also unusually wide, allowing them to move with greater ease and swiftness. That is why Afghan hounds can navigate the twisted, edgy landscapes of Afghanistan.

Afghan Hounds Feel Pain
That seems rather unnecessary because Afghan hounds are living creatures, so they are bound to feel pain, right? Yes, that’s correct. What’s unusual about this fact in the case of Afghan hounds is their low threshold of pain.
Looking at the magnificent Afghan hound, nobody can say that this dog breed feels discomfort so easily. Nonetheless, the reality is that Afghan hounds are super sensitive when it comes to enduring pain. They are not easily injured, but when they do, they feel it much more than most other dog breeds would.
So, if you have an Afghan hound, pay attention to their injuries and make sure they don’t get hurt even during trivial tasks such as nail clipping. Be sure to remain gentle when grooming your furry snuggle buddy and not slit their skin.

They Have Extraordinary Sight
Dogs generally have sharp ears and can hear sounds from miles away. In the case of Afghan hounds, the sense that stands out more than hearing is their sight. They are part of the dog family known as sighthounds which has greyhounds, borzois, whippers, and many others.
Afghan hounds have unbelievably far-reaching eyesight, and their dolichocephalic heads make looking around much more effortless. The unique skull and neck structure allows the Afghani canines to move their heads at various angles, which gives them a field vision of 270 degrees.

They Are Scent Hounds
Apart from having remarkable hearing and seeing abilities, Afghan hounds also possess incredible olfactory senses. That is why they are also known as scent hounds- as the name suggests, they can smell scents from a considerable distance.
One interesting fact about Afghan hound dogs’ smelling senses is the placement of their scent glands in the cheek. That’s right! Believe it or not, these splendid creatures have their smell glands in their cheeks, which makes their smelling so much sharper.
Ending Note
IF you want to bring home an Afghan hound, you can surely do it because this breed is loyal, super protective, fun-to-be-around, and intelligent, not to mention its fascinating appearance.
However, keep in mind that Afghan hounds are high-maintenance- meaning you’ll have to put extra effort into their grooming and fur care. So, if you are up for the challenge, by all means, adopt an Afghan hound.







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