Is this Formula One’s next female racing great? 
Little Lila Kalis, 6, the daughter of Slaylebrity street skateboarder John, has caused a storm on social media with her driving skills. 

One of her latest videos shows the cool kid fearlessly driving an electric toy Ferrari sports car through a long puddle causing water to splash to the side. 
The youngster, who wears a pair of snazzy shades, skids off course after hitting the water but expertly manages to retain control and turn the mini vehicle into a straight position and drive off with a grin on her face. 

The clip is just one uploaded to her popular Instagram and Facebook pages, which has attracted close to 50,000 followers and setup and run by her famous father. 
One video shows Lila parking at speed between two rubbish bins and then accelerating out of her drive and giving the devil horns sign to the camera as she passes in Carlsbad, California. 
The child’s driving exploits were also noticed by manufacturing giant Renault who kitted her out with a toy version of their Twingo model for an advertisement in which she had the starring role. 

Lila can be seen executing her trademark swerve and even circling the adult version of her car while sporting a slick pair of sunglasses as in her social media videos.
The father-of-two said he decided to start social media pages for Lila as he wanted to show the world her ‘driving talent’ and ‘all-round-radness’. 
John’s eldest daughter has been touted for career in racing by viewers of her videos. 
On her puddle driving video once asked: ‘ Have you thought about getting her into Karting? She’s the right age to start and she already has the basis down. It comes natural to her, and I imagine she would do really well in the sport.’ 

While another said: ‘I want to drive as good as this cool kid!’    

By Daily Mail

Is this Formula One's next racing great?

Source: @lilakalis

Speed demon Lila Kalis, 6, swerves out of a large puddle and effortlessly drives off in her electric toy Ferrari

Source: @lilakalis

She loves giving her friends rides in her ride!

Source: @lilakalis

That time 4 yr old Lila picked up her first G wagon

Source: @lilakalis

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