Twelve-year-old singer and make-up artist Reuben de Maid got a huge surprise when his celebrity idol Kim Kardashian surprised him with some of her new beauty products.
Reuben stole hearts across the globe earlier this year after he gave a powerful performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

His stunning rendition of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – the torch song from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls – stunned host DeGeneres and her millions of viewers.

But it was more than just his incredible singing that caught people’s eye.
Reuben, from Cardiff, is also a make-up guru, and at the age of just 12 he’s already making his presence known in the cosmetic world.
He told the American TV host that he wanted to be just like his idol Kim Kardashian when he grew up – and he got the surprise of his life when he started making a video tutorial for Ellen’s YouTube channel on a visit back to LA this week – and the world-famous reality TV star crept up on him.

His jaw dropped and he threw himself onto her for a big hug and told her was “going to faint”.
Kim, who has two children with Kanye West, gave Reuben some of her products and said she might one day end up being his “victim.”
He said on social media: “This actually happened. Kim Kardashian and me!!!”

By Wales Online

Should we be encouraging a 12 yr old boy to seek this sort of fame?

Is this not too early?

He looked thoroughly shocked

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