“Give me ten good men and some climbing spikes, I’ll impregnate the bitch.” – Bronn
“I don’t need an army. I need 20 good men.” – Ramsay
So Bronn has 10, and Ramsay has 20, but does that mean Bronn’s men are each better, or Ramsay’s collective whole is better because it has more people, or does it have to do with the task at hand? Does Bronn’s requirement of climbing spikes diminish how well we would see his men as? Are they including themselves in this list of men? If Bronn is trying to siege, and Ramsay is trying to stop a siege, are they opposites? Is one a Bolton and one a Boltoff?
Will GRRM write a separate series on these multi-men escapades?

By Diddle Biddle

Can someone then explain Sansa's lack of pregnancy

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