Over the years bandage and bodycon looks have become integral and indispensable parts of every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you want to wear it for a night out on the town, during a shopping spree with friends, or on a hot first date; a bandage dress is the one-size-fits-all solution for your fashionista needs.

The bandage dress is believed to be a gift to the fashion world from the 1990s. Designer Herve Leger is widely known to be the man who introduced bandage dresses to fashionistas everywhere. However, the origin of bandage dresses date back to 1986 when well-known designer Azzedine Alaia (also known as the “King of Cling”) released a collection of form fitting dresses that showed off every inch of the feminine profile. Today, this type of look is worn by the who’s who in the entertainment industry including legends Madonna and Tina Turner alongside present-day slaylebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.

A Bandage look is a closet staple for many of us because you do not need to have a perfect and flawless figure to pull it off. Irrespective of your body profile and age – the bandage look is magic. A properly constructed bandage look pulls you in and smooths you out while also being comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. Such looks are uniquely designed to emphasize your silhouette (just like shapewear) and the heavy duty fabric reins in your curves to give them the appearance of being seamless and flattering.

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One of the major challenges of having more than one bandage look in your closet is up-styling and restyling them for various occasions. Chances are you own a bandage look and are possibly facing the inevitable – you love wearing it but need to give it a fresh look so you are able to wear it as often as you desire. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Use Shoes to Change Your Look

A bandage look is the ultimate totem of complete body confidence. However, a conventional one piece bandage lookdoes require the right accessories and styling to create an all-around sexy look. As you know the right footwear is paramount to nailing the bandage look. The important thing to remember is that bandage looks are a bold choice and your footwear needs to complement the dress either in form or color.

Naturally, a quality bandage look and stiletto heels are a match made in heaven. Matching the color of your look with your heels or opting for a closet staple pair of black or nude pumps is an obvious choice. However, to give your look a different look consider adding contrasting shoes for change and pop.

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Add Texture to Your Look with Layers

One of the easiest ways to up-style your bandage dress is to pair it with a coat, oversized vest, shrug, or blazer that is complementary and utilitarian. Adding coats and the like gives your bandage look a bit of texture. Texture is a sure way to achieve a polished look without having to go hunting for a new necklace or clutch last minute. The key to adding layers to any look is to remain calm and don’t over think. Opt for both fluid (cashmere, silk, etc.) sweaters as well as structured (blazers, denim, etc.) layering pieces.

For casual events, pair your bandage dress with a denim jacket or shrug for a relaxed, edgy look

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Bags and Clutches are Friends

Knowing how much or how little to accessorize your dress is half the battle won. When it comes to bodycon and bandage dresses, less is always more. Carrying the right bag serves to dress up or dress down your outfit with ease and little effort. We all have a huge selection of clutches we wore that “one time”. To upstyle and restyle your bandage dress alter between those. Chances are they fit perfectly and take minimal thought and effort to pull together.

One rule of thumb to remember is that the size of your handbag should be inversely proportional to how formal the event is. A formal evening party requires a clutch purse that is just enough to carry your bare essentials (lipstick, foundation, cellphone, etc.). For a daytime or relaxed event, opt for a trendy bag that complements your dress and mood. If your dress is to be the focal point of your ensemble, a small clutch is your fail-safe option.

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Hair Styles Impact Overall Looks

Varying your hairstyle is one of the most affordable and simple ways to change the look of your bandage dress. A different hairstyle gives your look two different feels and vibes. If you have often worn your hair down and allowed it to freely flow consider pulling it up. Try half-up, half-down styles or relaxed ponytails instead. If you find that you often wear your hair up with your bandage dress consider letting your hair freely flow and adding voluminous curls to the ends. 

Altering your hair allows you to change the feel and style of your dress easily. From messy buns to braids to free flowing tresses your hairstyle impacts your overall look. Play around with a few of your favorites to pull more looks out of your dress.

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Your Style should Speak volumes

Always take it up a notch

Keep it sexy but classy

A daring hair do can take your look to the next level

The perfect look for a night out

Throw on sunshades for that slaylebrity effect

A short bob is simple but extremely sophisticated

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