If you are not rich, you probably don’t know the signs that show your life is not as luxurious as the wealthiest people in the world. You don’t have a private jet, a personal concierge service, or an army of assistants to take care of your every need.

Infact you probably think you should be going around covered in designer outfits to look stupendously wealthy but this is the ultimate sign that you are actually broke.

Slaylebrity’s school of affluence is a group that sets the standard for luxury living. You can have access to luxury independent brands that only the super rich use and you can get access to off market opulent homes in expensive neighborhoods via Slayebrity’s gold plus concierge services and other privileges.

If you want to be a bonafide certified Jet set babe, who travels the world frequently and lives outside your country of origin you need to level up. And to do this you need to be close to the items and things that will help you reach this goals.

These are all signs that you might be rich and Slaylebrity makes it super easy for you to do this.

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Showing up covered up in LV don't mean you are rich, more often than not it shows you up as trying to look rich.

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