Reflections of Desire: A Tale of Sensuality and Adventure

Sabrina shifted her gaze from the city lights below to her own reflection in the luxurious hotel room’s floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Her figure, clad in a red and black custom sexy slay my lingerie set that left little to the imagination, exuded an air of confidence and allure. As she took in her own sensual reflection, a flurry of emotions flooded her mind – desire, adventure, and a hint of vulnerability.

The lone chair in front of the full length mirror in our living room is the only witness of what just happened here. Lena put it there. She needed it to support herself, next thing I knew I was doing her in doggy with my strap on, while Teddy was doing me in doggy. And the glorious view of the three of us in action in front of the mirror is now burned into my brain as a permanent memory of something kinky.
It was me who suggested doggy in front of the mirror, but it was Teddy who suggested that I get my strap on out to join the party. It was not clear to me if he wanted me to do him in the butt while he was doing Lena, or what. So I went and put it on, spending some moments playing with the contraption to get it on right.
As I walked back to the living room I found Lena on her knees having a go on Teddy’s dick. She was blowing him as if there was no tomorrow, and I could see by his expression that he was enjoying it. As she moved up I saw the passion in his eyes, and he just turned me around and bent me a little to get his dick to reach my entrance.
“I do you and you do her!”
were his words, and I had no choice but to obey. I had already ridden him tonight, but as he opened me up I swear I could feel his dick harder than before. I do not know if it was how horny the thought of doing this doggy train had made him, or the blow job that Lena had just given him.
I saw how Lena picked up a chair and placed it in front of me, as she moved back to have my little dildo go inside of her. I looked at our reflection in the mirror, his hands on my hips, my hands on her hips, her hands holding on to the chair as if she was bouldering and her life depended on it.
The colors of our skin, our manes of hair moving at the rhythm of his pounding, and how hard he felt made me realize that I needed to focus on what was happening to me.
I felt a slap on my butt, or two, but all I knew was that I was going to come hard from his pounding. My legs started to go weak on me and I must have pushed Lena too hard for suddenly I was coming, my legs were shaking and she was standing by my side asking if I was ok.
“She just came!”

The night continued with conversations that delved into their deepest desires, creating an electric connection between Sabrina and Teddy. They shared stories of past adventures and dreams of exploration, their fantasies blending seamlessly into one another.

As the clock ticked slowly, Sabrina realized that this encounter had the potential to change her perception of herself and her desires. A thrilling journey lay before her, filled with passion and possibilities. With Teddy and Lena by her side, she vowed to embrace every moment of this newfound erotic escapade, ready to explore the uncharted territories of pleasure and adventure.

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