As a plot device, we’re led to believe the algo functions differently when it has extra billions to access. That wouldn’t be true in reality, but let’s suspend that for now and assume this algo needs it. From that, the premise is that Taylor now has an urgent need for billions of dollars. And remember, the plot also showed us that even a single billion – promised by Axelrod – was yanked away from Taylor.
The narrative result is Taylor needs billions to confirm whether their invention works, and they’ve been forced into the gutters to get it.
In reality, some revolutionary algo could simply be used to turn Taylor’s 8 figures into 9, which would draw in the requisite tres comma money if it truly is so revolutionary.
It also would be a risky operation overall, relying on a man child developer with zero industry experience and severe personal problems, using methodology known to at least two recently departed workers. Both the nerd and the workers would be working this system relentlessly on their own and/or leaking and leveraging it all over the Street. And some of the bets it probably relies on could be countered by institutions with far more than 20 billion worth of firepower.