American actress Tami Roman first gained fame on the MTV reality series, The Real World: Los Angeles in the early 90’s. Hailing from New York, she was cast in the hit show at the age of twenty three. From there, she garnered attention for being one of the first individuals to have an abortion on television.

Throughout her twenties, Roman appeared in a number of TV series including The Real World Reunion (1996), Lauren Hutton and… (1996), and The Real World You Never Saw (1997). As the new millennium arrived, her presence received another boost after she was made one of the dealers in the game show, Card Shark (2001). 

Since then, she has taken part in several shows such as The Steve Harvey Show (2001), One on One (2003), Half & Half (2004), and Moonlight (2008). In 2010, Roman received a huge break after landing a gig with the popular VH1 reality series, Basketball Wives. One of the greatest highlights of her career, it ultimately propelled her once again, to Slaylebrity status.

According to various online sources, Tami Roman currently has an estimated net worth of $650,000. Where does her money come from? How many sources of income does she have? We’ll be discussing the answers to that below.

Born on April 17, 1970 in New York, Tami Roman grew up in the City of White Plains. Raised in a single-parent household, her mother worked three separate jobs to support the family; because of this, Roman was often alone as a child. It wasn’t until her mother married Ali Akbar, that she was taught the value of strong family values and higher education. Unfortunately, he was later unfaithful to her mother, which was enough reason for her to divorce him.

The sudden separation came as a shock to Roman, as she had associated Akbar with unconditional love. Over the next few years, her and her mother grew extremely close- many even commented that they’d appeared to be more like sisters. From there, their lives eventually reached an all time low after her mother was terminated from her job, an event that led them to have to live on the streets for six months.
With a lack of funds, Roman wasn’t even able to participate in her high school prom. Unable to afford her cap and gown, she almost didn’t even take part in her own graduation ceremony.

After making her way through high school, Roman- an achiever, went on to pursue higher education at Howard University. Following her college studies, she began working as an AIDS care specialist. Having said that, her true passion had always laid in music- a talented singer, she was a member of an all-girl quartet called Reality.

In 1993, the New Yorker received a big break after landing a role in the hit reality series, The Real World: Los Angeles. The brainchild of Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim, it followed the lives of a group of strangers, who come to live together in front of the cameras. Premiered that summer, it marked Roman’s official television debut.
One of the main cast members, she was joined by Dominic Griffin, Jon Brennan, Aaron Behle, Irene Berrera, Beth Stolarczyk, and Beth Anthony. Documenting 22 weeks of interactions, the MTV series garnered Roman, a newcomer to television, much exposure at the time. After a 21-episode run, The Real World: Los Angeles came to an end in November 1993.
Following her TV debut, Roman went on to appear in the titles Silk Stalkings (1994), The Real World Vacations: Behind the Scenes (1995), Lauren Hutton and… (1996), The Real World You Never Saw (1997). In 2001, her notoriety received another boost after she landed a role as a dealer in the popular game show, Card Sharks (2001). 
From that point onwards, Roman started to get more involved with TV series. Some of the titles that she took part in during that time include The Drew Carey Show (2002), Sabrina The Teenage Witch (2003), One on One (2003), Half & Half (2004), and Earthquake (2004). After playing a number of minor characters, she scored a recurring part in the fantasy series, Moonlight in 2007.
In 2010, she received a big break after being chosen to star in the VH1 reality series, Basketball Wives. Created by Shaunie O’Neal, it followed the lives of a group of women, who are romantically linked to NBA basketball stars. After debuting in the second season, she stayed on the show the entire time until the end of season five, before returning in the revived series in 2017. According to reports, she was paid upwards of $500,000 per season.
Since then, Roman has also appeared in the reality shows Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (2015), and Basketball Wives LA (2015).
As far as her acting career goes, she participated in a number of TV series and films over the last few years including Eden (2011), Love That Girl! (2011), Sunday’s at Noon (2013), Belle’s (2013), Extant (2014), and Beyond the Game (2016).
But that’s not all, Roman has also picked up a few business ventures along the way. In 2011, she launched her own line of hair products called Curls By Roman in partnership with Crème de -la Crème Hair. In 2013, she also created a line of cosmetics called “TR Love Cosmetics” which includes a collection of lip gloss and nail polishes.
Tami Roman’s Personal Life and FAQ
Is Tami Roman Married?
While she isn’t married, she is currently engaged to her boyfriend of many years, Reggie Youngblood. In the past, she was married to NBA basketball star, Kenny Anderson.
Does Tami Roman Have Any Children?
Yes, the television star is the mother of two- she has two daughters named Jazz and Lyric. Recently last year, Roman was also pregnant with her third child; tragically, she ultimately ended up miscarrying during the tenth week.
Did Tami Roman Go to College?
Despite the difficulties that she’d faced early in her life, Roman successfully went to college (Howard College) after graduating from high school.
Where Does Tami Roman Live? Pictures of Tami Roman’s House
Unfortunately, we do not have any information on her house at this time. Having said that, we do know that she currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Recent Events
This year, Roman’s been busy with a few projects- for instance, she’ll be co-starring in a drama film called, Just Within Reach (2017)sometime later this year. In addition to that, she’ll also be appearing in the mini-series, District (2017), and in the TV movie, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story (2017)
Currently, the actress is filming for a comedy film titled, Prison Logic, which will presumably come out in 2018.

Tami Roman always keep it funky on reality TV, but now she’s doing her Instagram followers a big ole’ favor and giving them advice for their every day life. In a new series she’s calling #BonnetChronicles on Instagram, Tami, in a bonnet, gives her thoughts on everything under, and over, the sun. From her haters who say she jumps from show to show to Instagram “business owners” to Iggy Azalea, Tami’s got a lot to say, and you will LOL for days, hearing her spill it all.

Tami hates when people say they started something. “’Ooh, I started cornrows.’ B—h, have you seen pictures of Harriet Tubman?” According to Miss Roman, everything has been done before, so please for the love of God, STFU.

People (including Tami’s co-star Brandi Maxiell) have come for Tami being on so many shows but Tami says, “Yah damn right. You’re absolutely f–king right.” The reality TV OG further explained, “You can’t be a TV star, a TV personality, if you ain’t on TV.” Mic drop, basically.

Tami doesn’t have time for people claiming the Australian femcee ruined the genre. “Iggy didn’t ruin hip hop. Y’all ruined hip hop.” Tami goes on to say that it was all of these now-critics downloading Azalea’s music, booking her on their shows, and doing interviews with her that ruined hip hop. Tami spells it out, “Iggy, I ain’t mad at you, girl. They invited you to the masquerade ball and you wore the best costume, b—h.”

Tami doesn’t have time for the women saying they’re the “main b—h” on reality TV, and started (see above) the genre. Tami pays respect to her fellow The Real Worldalum. “You know who the queen of reality TV is? Heather “motherf–king” B And if you don’t who that is, she was the young lady on the very first reality show in the United States of America, called The Real World, ok?” Oh, and also, Tami says you owe Heather B some damn money.

Business owners, Tami needs you to deal with your social media. Brand. Your. Business. “I don’t want to go to your page and see you with a joint in your mouth. I don’t want to see the memes about the b—h who can swallow babies. I don’t want want to see the video of you up in the club tossing back shots.” Basically, Tami needs you to get yourself two separate pages, ok? “Brand your business properly, if you’re gonna do this thang.” Yah heard?

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The 1988 Ms. Black California Pageant runner-up  is a former cast member of the hit MTV reality series The Real World: Los Angeles, and currently stars on VH1’s reality television series “Basketball Wives.”  

Tami is the ex-wife of retired American basketball player Kenneth “Kenny” Anderson; Tami and kenny divorced in 2001 and have two daughters, Lyric Chanel and Kenni Lauren (also known as Jazz). She successfully challenged the 1995 $5.8 million pre-nup. As a result of the divorce, Tami acquired a sizeable portion of his assets (reported to be half), in addition to $8500 monthly child support.

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