It’s holiday season. Are we freaking out yet? Presents to buy and wrap, holiday cards to send.

But most of all, parties. SO MANY PARTIES. Don’t get me wrong, I am a party kinda gal, but staying healthy and somewhat fit during this time is so hard! The desserts seem to beckon with their siren call. Eat me. Just one won’t hurt. Yeah, don’t ever believe them

Indulgy does not equal unhealthy.

Even one seems to be a slippery slope to cookies for dinner…which is why I have compiled a list for you all! I’m here to keep you in check, but keep your tastebuds and indulgent urges happy.

This list of vegan plant-based treats gives you some healthier desserts to indulge in this Easter holiday season!

Meet our top 3 healthier vegan desserts for helping you indulge the plant-based way this season!

I wouldn’t say desserts are exactly healthy, but these little numbers can definitely be called healthy vegan desserts in comparison to their very unhealthy counterparts.
Wash them down with a nice tall glass of Silk plant milk, and you will feel satisfied to the core. What you won’t feel is the heavy bloated gross feeling that seems to come hand in hand with the holidays! Drumroll please…

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Source Veggies don’t bite

Pink smoothie bowl

Just blend frozen bananas with pink pitaya powder. For the chia pudding: take almond milk and chia seeds. Finally top it with your favorite berries and add some mini pink chocolate to it

Source: @sweetly_salted_berry

Purple iced tea

This is a refreshing drink, perfect for hot days. You could make up a batch and keep it in the fridge. Ingredients * 12 dried butterfly pea flowers * 1 tablespoon sugar * 2 tablespoons lime juice * Lots of ice Instructions 1. Put the butterfly pea flowers in a large measuring cup with the sugar (sub sugar for honey for something more healthy), and pour in 300mls of hot water. Let steep for 20 minutes and then add in 200mls of room temp water. Mix and then remove the flowers. At this stage add the lime juice. You can store in the fridge here or serve over ice. We served ours in a 500ml (16oz) carafe

Source: @sweetly_salted_berry

Simple banana- peanut butter mix with chocolate chips

Ingredients •3 frozen bananas •1-2 tbsp peanut butter my one is from @naturecanofficial •1tsp lime juice! Blend till smooth and creamy, add chocolate chips, mix and enjoy your beautiful day .

Source: @sweetly_salted_berry

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