Every time I look at this, it makes me feel like I am in some Star Wars movie, flying through the Universe. Bowls like this are quite easy to make even though they might seem intimidating for some reason. You can find the recipe below , of course.

♡ 4 large frozen bananas
♡ 1 tsp vanilla extract
♡ 1 tbsp @rawnice blue spirulina powder (use code ‘nourishing.andreea’ to get 15% off your order on their website)
♡ 1 tsp @rawnice activated charcoal powder
Add the bananas in the food processor and blend until smooth and creamy (this might take a couple of minutes). Add in the vanilla extract and blue spirulina powder and continue to blend. Take out 3/4 of your nicecream, put it in a serving bowl and place it in the freezer. Add the charcoal powder to the remaining nicecream and blend some more. Add the black nicecream in the bowl next to the blue one and make swirls with a spoon. Top with sugar decorations and frozen blueberries and enjoy .