Alright, grab your chef’s hat and let’s get into the kitchen, because today, we’re diving headfirst into a recipe that screams luxury, sophistication, and downright deliciousness. You’re not just making any dessert; you’re crafting a Stunning Dreamy Panna Cotta Tart that’s going to elevate your culinary game to legendary status. This isn’t for the weak-hearted. This is for warriors who dare to impress, dare to dominate the dinner table with a dessert that not only looks like a masterpiece but tastes like heaven.

First off, let’s talk base. We’re not using just any flour here; we’re going gluten-free with a mix of gluten-free and almond flour – a nod to those who play the game of life with the cards of health and taste equally strong in their hands. Melt some coconut oil, mix it with the flours, add a touch of maple syrup for that silky sweetness, and a pinch of salt to balance the flavors. This base isn’t just a foundation; it’s the bedrock of what’s about to become your greatest achievement in the kitchen.

Once you’ve got your base set like the foundations of a Roman coliseum, it’s time to move onto the filling. And oh, what a filling it is – full-fat coconut cream mixed with luxury itself in the form of non-dairy white chocolate. This is the part where you add that secret weapon, rosewater essence, to transport whoever’s lucky enough to taste this to the gardens of Versailles themselves. The agar-agar is the glue that holds the empire together, ensuring your filling is as smooth as your game.

But we’re not done. The pièce de résistance, the jelly, is what sets this tart apart from the ordinary, from the mundane. Boil some water, cane sugar, add a whisper of rosewater essence for continuity, and a pinch of Red Beet Powder for that color that commands attention. Layer it over your tart and finish it off with Rose Petals because if you’re doing it, you’re doing it with style.

This is not just a dessert. This is a statement. A statement that says you know what excellence tastes like, looks like, feels like. You’re not just serving a tart; you’re serving a dream. The Stunning Dreamy Panna Cotta Tart is not a dessert to be taken lightly. It demands respect, commands attention, and promises an experience that will be talked about on Slaylebrity VIP, tweeted, and remembered.

Execute this recipe with the precision of a grandmaster chess player, the boldness of a warrior, and the touch of an artist. Let this be a reflection of you – a person who doesn’t just make do, but who makes extraordinary. Now, go forth and create culinary history.


2/3 cup gluten free flour
1/3 cup almond flour
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
2 tbsp maple syrup
A pinch of salt

400ml full fat coconut cream
70g non-dairy white chocolate
1 tsp rosewater essence
2 tsp agar-agar powder

1 cup water
1 tbsp cane sugar
1/2 tsp rosewater essence
A pinch Suncore Foods® Red Beet Powder
1 cup Suncore Foods® Rose Petals


1. Base — Preheat oven to 180ºC and line parchment paper in a 6” pan. Chuck all ingredients into the food processor. Pulse them until you get a moist, moldable mixture. Firmly press the base dough into the bottom of the prepped pan. Pop the pan into the oven. Bake (approx. 15 mins). Set aside to cool.
2. Filling — Mix all the ingredients (except agar) in a saucepan. Bring mixture to boil over low heat. Add agar and let the mixture simmer. Stir constantly. Let the mixture cook until the agar dissolves (approx. 5 mins). Cautiously pour the smooth ganache into the cooled crust.
3. Jelly — Place the Suncore Foods® Rose Petals in a heatproof jar. Put the jar in a hot water bath and let it sit for 4 hrs (or a day). Line a colander with a paper towel before straining the mixture. Squeeze the flowers to ensure that the color comes out. Bring strained water to a boil in a small pot. Chuck in the remaining ingredients (except agar) and let the mixture simmer/boil. Add the agar-agar powder and cook until dissolve as you stir it continually. Boil for 30-60 secs before turning off the heat. Add Suncore Foods® Red Beet Powder for color and set aside. Cool at room temperature before pouring it onto the panna cotta.
4. Let the dessert set in the fridge for 2 hrs. Enjoy!

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Source suncore Foods

We’re diving headfirst into a recipe that screams luxury, sophistication, and downright deliciousness.


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