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Okay, first things first. I see far too many excited people venturing online every single day with aspirations of making it online. This is fantastic, but is never going to be a reality for the vast majority. The people who fail more often than not – are the ones who read an ebook, take a course and/or read a dozen or so sales letters and believe they can do this with little to no investment on their part. The investment I’m talking about is NOT a time investment, but a money investment. Very few people make it big time without investing in their business. That’s a fact.

I see these very same people creating $7 ebooks to sell, or becoming an affiliate for programs that are over-hyped and sell nothing but hot air. I can tell you right now, selling $7 ebooks and promoting cheap hyped programs is NOT going to help you create a profitable business anytime soon. It’s obvious, right

Sure, you can sell cheap products by the boat load if your marketing is up to scratch, but what’s your overall strategy? Where do you go from there? After they purchase your $7 ebook or $27 clickbank product – what do you sell to those very same people afterwards? And remember, you had better be trying to sell your first time buyers on more products after their initial investment. That’s the whole point of building a list. You are building a list, yes? Good.
Another thing you have to keep in mind when selling cheap ebooks and affiliate products that play on emotions and offer the world for a little investment, is that you will be attracting broke people who will more likely be pissed off when you continue to promote other similar products further down the line. That’s why open rates in emails are dramatically dropping. People are fed up being promised a fantastic new way of making money online only to find they haven’t earned a damn thing after they go through the product. Why on earth would they want to buy anything from you again after that?
Think about this for a second…
Good marketing will NEVER overcome BAD math:
You will have to sell 100 copies of that $7 product to earn $700. If you want to earn $5000 a month you will have to sell 714 copies, and that’s without factoring into account your advertising expenses. 24 sales a day is a tough cookie to crack when you’re just starting out and one I will never follow myself. It just doesn’t make sense to do so, and now we can see why the failure rate in this industry is close to 94%.
Just as a hypothetical, let’s say you want to earn a million dollars a year. Now let’s assume you’re selling a $10 product or are generating a $10 commission for each sale. That’s 100,000 copiesyou have to sell each year of a low ticket product. Doable? Yes. Plausible? Not a bloody chance.
What about if you were selling/promoting a product that generates you close to $75 per sale. Well now you just need just over 13,000 sales a year. And what about selling/promoting a $1800 product that nets you $900 per sale now you only need just over 1000 sales a year to reach a cool 1 million. It’s a no brainer, right?
What if you sold 10 of your $10 products this month. You’ll earn $100. If you sold 10 products with a $75 commission you’d clear a cool $750 imagine if its a recurring sale that’s $9000 from one sale a year. And with a $900 commission you’d be banking $90,000 a month from 10 sales. And remember, the Internet is a very big place where people are actively searching for these high ticket products to buy.
We have to also take into account that people who purchase high ticket products are more realistic and less demanding also. The truth is, you do the same marketing work for much more profits. For either low ticket or high ticket items, the process is much the same. You set the foundation, set up your autoresponder, create your website and generate traffic.
There may be a slightly different approach within the details of selling high ticket products, but all that takes is a tweaking of your marketing and marketing to the right audience. Other than that – there’s not much difference. In fact, realistic buyers of high ticket items are much less drama than opportunity seekers looking for the next get rich quick program that they falsely believe will make them millions. I don’t know about you – but selling hot air is not the way I want to brand myself. I’d much rather promote a valuable product to serious people without playing on their emotions and advertising the B.S hype that surrounds this industry.
“You make more money from the same work when you sell high ticket products”
So you may be sat there thinking “how can I sell high ticket products?” Well, the first step is to change your mindset. You must stop targeting wannabe marketers who jump from opportunity to opportunity hoping to find some magic formula that will change their lives. They won’t. You will though. And you do that by seeking out already established business people who do NOT sit on forums all day long bitching about how dire this business is and how hard it is to make a good living on the Internet.
There are literally millions of people out there looking for high ticket quality products to buy. These people understand value and believe me, they’re not looking to buy crappy clickbank products. They’re 99% rubbish, and you bloody well know this. So, if you, and I know that 99% of clickbank products are rubbish, why on earth would you want to promote these products to your list? It’s simple, you don’t.
Marketing high ticket quality products can actually be far easier to shift than shitty low ticket products because you’re promoting something that you KNOW will give great value to the buyer. You just can’t say that about the other products out there at the moment. And, if you feel good about what you promote – your marketing will be better, it just makes sense!

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