How can a billion dollar enterprise be acting so broke!

I recently just got Starlink

Silly me I was super excited as I live in a third world country and the idea of uninterrupted internet service was so exciting for me.

Only to get it and my goodness the drama to set it up, then set it up and the speed actually leaves a lot to be desired.

Then finally my router suddenly stops working after barely two months.

Contact customer support …get an automated response to try several tactics.

Try this to no avail.

Take photos send back ….crickets.

Till date no response from the star links support team. As I write this I am fuming because I’ve just been billed by Starlink yet I’m unable to use the service and they have still not gotten back to me.

There are also no phone nos to reach, I did not except this from a company owned by Elon Musk.

I am not a happy bunny!


Well well Starlink has redeemed itself.
I posted several comments on twitter and Slaylebrity on the customer service tardiness and all of a sudden I received a response informing me that I would be getting one month credited to my account, and a new router plus wiring has been ordered on my behalf at no additional cost to me. So you know i’m not making any of this up see the screen shot of response below

so for now I’m back to loving Elon Musk!

Second update

Spoke too sonn, one month later there is no router in sight, already passed my one month free use access they gave. So I’m pissed again. This is just not on.

How can a billion dollar enterprise be acting so broke!

I’m not the only from the look of things

Why can’t Elon pay attention to this

This is just not on

Starlink support response finally

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