Starbucks unveiled its holiday cups for the 2018 season Thursday, with this year’s designs inspired by the company’s own coffee roasts and logo.

The four designs are of varying shades of red, green, and white, a clear attempt to head off any controversy similar to the red cup debacle of 2015, when the release of a simple, solid-red holiday cup led some to believe Starbucks was raging war on Christianity.
This year, the designs are appropriately festive, although the color choices are more evocative of Christmas than the other season’s celebrations.

Starbucks’ tradition of having new cups with festive designs for the holidays dates back to 1997, but for whatever reason, Americans have found controversies in the smallest details over the past few years.

Last year’s cups were white with festive doodles, inviting customers to color their own holiday magic. The cups were fine, but an advertisement for the design caused an uproar because it featured two women (potentially romantically) leaning toward each other while enjoying Starbucks drinks together.

In 2016, a limited design devoted to unity was attacked when customers mistook it for the official holiday design.

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Hopefully, this year Starbucks customers will sip their peppermint mochas in peace

Slay billionaire design 1

Slay billionaire design 2

Slay billionaire design 3

Slay billionaire design 4

Slay billionaire design 5

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