Sooo Posh

Sooo Posh – A powerful and poignant tribute to old school posh ladies around the world.

The Chelsea girl’s adapted piece is memorable. On a school night she’s at Loulou’s, the Firehouse or Little House, while house parties are seeing the strongest revival since the Eighties, with Scotland becoming the destination of choice for wild weekends in the country. Internationally, the classic Sloane’s jet-set trail has faded into non-existence – the new rule on travel is to keep it strictly best friends only and install the privacy of a secluded party whirlwind anywhere in the world you can access on air miles.

The piece comes in a beautiful handmade gold frame.

8.5 x 11.5 inches
Gold frame
Price: $1061

Includes complimentary worldwide shipping. See more @ Slay Art

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Old school Sloane Style

Sooo Posh

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