When all else fails, this soup will make you feel better………(Just ask Smithy) 

If you prefer, replace the linguini with any type of pasta, potatoes, or rice.
In a large pot, add the ribs, 4 qt water, 1 lg quartered peeled onion, 4 ea med carrots, cut into lg pieces, kosher salt and grd black pepper to taste, cook until ribs are soft but NOT falling apart, remove ribs; you should have 1 qt stock remaining; meanwhile, cook 8 oz pasta of your choice (here, I used linguini)

If you don’t like to use chopsticks, break the linguini (or any other type of long pasta) into small pieces before cooking.
Bon Appétit !   Life is Good !

Remove the meat from the bones

Strain the broth, add a splash of Maggi seasoning, check/adjust the seasoning

Add 8 oz fresh spinach to the hot broth, stir, let steep 2 minutes

To serve, add 1/2 of ea pasta, spinach and beef to a large soup plate, add beef broth ; recipe serves 2 main course or 6 appetizer

By Chefs Opinion

Bon Appétit ! Life is Good !

Source: Smithy

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