Slaylebrity, a former underdog in the social network space has now firmly come into its own.

Featuring a members only social network for those who sleep and breathe extravagance, this unique business model albeit a non factor at the start is now a force to be firmly reckoned with.

Recently the elite social club added a VIP master concierge card to it’s offerings. This move is sure to attract more of the elite crowd.

With minimal marketing spend and a strong focus on content marketing, what Slaylebrity has achieved in such a short time frame is nothing short of spectacular.

Indeed the word itself has recently appeared in the urban Dictionary.

The plural of Slaylebrity – SlayLebrities may not be rich like Celebrities, but they have just as much style and class as celebrities. They may be neighborhood celebrities or influencers.

In general A Slaylebrity is a person that is equivalent to a celebrity but may not necessarily have celebrity money. They are FLY, have STYLE, know what to wear on which occassion, etc.

How to use the word

She is a Slaylebrity, she must sit in the front row.
She was the same before she was a Slaylebrity, a classy person always.
He is a Slaylebrity now, but still humble, helping everyone in the neighborhood.

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Source: Urban Dictionary

Are you on Slaylebrity?

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