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Slaylebrity Notification app is live! – Slaylebrity is a discovery social network engine of entertainment that recommends high end photography, art, politics, fashion, parenting, kids activities, travel, food, fitness and just about every other topic you can think of.
For those interested in the lifestyle niche, Navigating Slaylebrity feels like surfing a web where every incoming WIFI wave feels tailor-made just for you. All you have to do is tell Slaylebrity which category you are interested in and it will feed you interesting content in that category.
What makes Slaylebrity so unique is that every time you use it, you end up on an epic journey through lifestyle content and links you may have never found without the help of the tool.
Besides bringing users awesome lifestyle  content, Slaylebrity allows its members to like (slay posts)  and follow the slay tribes(slay tribes are pages on slaylebrity) they like. See more @ slaytition Contest

Although the official Slaylebrity app is still in development, Now you can get updates on new posts in Slaylebrity direct to your phone by downloading the Slaylebrity notification app here

Its always breezy at Slaylebrity

slaylebrity notification app

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